Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for January 3

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Pros and cons need to be considered before making an important decision. You really can’t give an answer until you have talked things over with your partner or other housemates. If you make an impulsive choice they may not agree with your evaluation and they will have something to say about this.


Someone is taking a huge risk with finances. You can’t stand by and watch and you will point out the likely consequences of their actions. In decision-making you will be decisive. In action you will be determined. You aren’t in the mood to beat about the bush.


A workmate or neighbour will offer to help get you out of a dilemma. If their friendliness takes you by surprise there could be an ulterior motive. Are you single? A new love interest may not be all they appear to be. Tread warily. They aren’t telling you it all.


Friendship and close ties will be a source of great pleasure. At times you might wish you could be in two places at the same time but since this isn’t possible you may have to rely on other people to perform some important tasks for you. They will not let you down.


Creative work and helping to plan a special event will bring pleasure. A challenge your boss puts your way will make you a little nervous. You can do this so sit on any thoughts of failure. Ask for help whenever you need it.


An older friend or relative will not take too kindly to the plans you are making. They might feel you are taking on too much or making too many changes. If they are trying to interfere with plans that are personal to you, you may have to ask them to back off.


Conflict over future plans should not take too long to sort out. Community activities will put you in touch with some interesting people and you will get to make new friends. A youngster in the family will fare relatively well in a competitive environment.


Bills are pouring in faster than you can pay them. If you can’t clear them all at once, prioritise. Make the roof over your head a priority. It might be necessary to cut back on luxury purchases for a short while and you may need to persuade an extravagant partner or housemate to do the same.


A determination to succeed will increase your productivity and make a team you are working with highly efficient. You may not be anticipating a wage increase but you will get satisfaction out of the work you are doing and for now, that is what’s important to you.


Getting out and talking to people will be a good way to expand your interests and experiences. If recently you have been feeling you are missing out on something or you aren’t up to date with all that is going on, you should make it your business now to find out everything.


You might be thinking about working longer hours to make sure you have more money in your pocket. The issue of higher prices and falling wages will be one that affects every member of your household. Changing shopping habits is also a consideration.


You won’t be in the mood for anyone who is too controlling or demanding. A partner or housemate will have, in subtle ways, enabled themselves to take a singular hold of joint finances. Now you realise what they have been up to, you will be taking action to change this.

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