Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for February 28


There is something you are uncertain about. You wonder how a decision might affect your future. You could use the past to try to forecast what lies ahead. Close your eyes and visualise similar situations you have gone through before. Sleep on it and in the morning you will feel more certain about what could be in store.


While you are shopping for household items, a piece of artwork or furnishing could catch your eye. It might not be a good idea to give in to temptation every time but it can do you good to enjoy an occasional treat. Are you single? You are about to meet someone you will want to spend every minute of every hour with.


A friend will be moved to tears when they receive praise and respect for their efforts in aid of their community. You are happy for them as it’s about time they were recognised for all they have been doing. You have been waiting a long time for this moment.


Your innate shyness can make it hard for you to make the first move in friendship and romance. Even so, if you are single and you see someone you fancy, you would regret not having made them aware of your interest. Once they get the message, they will take the initiative.


Is history going to repeat itself or is everything going to change? You’re eagerly anticipating the results of a joint effort. You have been through similar situations but the emotions never change. A celebration is being planned. The chance will soon come your way to stop and draw breath.


Your team will never take anything for granted and will always respect the opposition. That’s when you do make progress, it will be due to you all working together harmoniously and fairly. Some cutting edge therapy brings renewed hope.


An apology will help put an end to some recent hostilities. You will all agree to foster more harmonious relationships in the future. You’re looking for ways to improve your knowledge on health through alternative therapies. A family member needs to be persuaded to take their health more seriously.


A senior colleague’s cranky and highly strung behaviour will make you nervous. You are trying to be respectful but this isn’t easy when you feel they are being unfair. Bite your lips as you don’t want to get on the wrong side of people in power.


You have been determined to prove to someone that ideas you’ve been sharing aren’t as fanciful as they suggest. From seeds of ideas, positive progress can be made. As well as taking practical action, a lucky break will enhance your innate talents, helping you exploit your full potential as an individual.


Innovative ways of using existing skills will help further a group effort. Improved technology is starting to make a difference. This may not be a solution for everyone and it will have implications including additional costs but it will have potential to bring positive change to some people in the future.


Some information needed will be received but not enough to make a definite decision. You will need to wait until you receive further reports. Someone is working on ways to provide a comprehensive analysis of data. New tools can be used to bring about faster results.


You’re feeling the pinch. If you are in business for yourself you’re looking for easier and inexpensive ways to promote your services. Late payments are causing you further frustration. You don’t want to damage relationships with clients but getting paid for what you do would make a real difference.

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