Homeless people who turned life around by joining OnlyFans now earn a fortune

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Adult site OnlyFans has allowed many to make a fortune from fleshing their flesh online.

The British-born company has paid out in excess of $600 million (around £432 million) to its contributors since its inception in 2016, inspiring people from all walks of life to sell sexy pictures and videos to subscribers around the world.

In some cases, the site has even helped to turn around the lives of its creators – transforming them from skint to minted in almost no time at all.

Chance meeting helped cleaner transform her life

Take glamorous model Toni Camille – she was homeless before she shot to fame on social media.

Toni, from Cardiff, Wales, was making ends meet by waitressing and holding down various cleaning jobs.

But a chance meeting with a freelance photographer changed her life forever and she began building up a following on Instagram and YouTube – before moving to the adults-only subscription site.

Toni charges fans just over $12 a month (around £9) to see her racy posts, which – given that she has more than 162,000 likes on the platform – equates to a lot of cash.

Single mum swapped sofa-surfing for £15k holiday

Meanwhile, Nottingham single mum Ava Grace swapped sleeping on friends' sofas and struggling to make ends meet for a millionaire's lifestyle.

The 29-year-old is now earning a six-figure salary by selling nude photos and videos of herself on OnlyFans, all of which recently afforded her to buy a £250,000 new-build home and enjoy a £15,000 holiday.

She also said the coronavirus pandemic had been a big help in getting her face (along with the rest of her) seen by others, adding that lonely men "needing a release" during lockdown ended up flocking to her site.

She added that punters can often spend $100 (£73) per minute for a custom-made video, but earning the big bucks doesn't come easy.

"It’s a business and you need to work hard. You can’t just send a video out and expect people to buy it, you have to interact with your fans," said Ava.

And, having now "dedicated her life" to the site, she admitted to getting up at 5am most days in order to catch the American market.

Computer engineer who was making just £76 a month is now high-flyer

Another rags-to-riches story is that of CJ Miles from the Philippines, who became homeless at the age of only 13.

The 4ft 7in computer engineer claimed she was initially only making £76 a month in her IT job and was living in a bunk-bed dorm with 12 other girls.

Eventually, she moved to the States and, after sharing racy photos on MySpace, got a foothold in the adult entertainment industry via the infamous Spearmint Rhino club in Las Vegas, where she got a gig as a stripper.

Having OnlyFans' first owner BiIl Fox come out as a big fan of her earlier posts also helped, as he encouraged her to concentrate on making a living by baring all to online subscribers.

Now employing her own team of staff, she said that she's able to support her whole family, including putting her brother, sister and all her nephews through college.

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