Homeless, 3-legged dog gets new life as trucker’s co-pilot

This three-legged dog is getting a leg-up in life.

Late last March, the Humane Society of Greenwood, South Carolina, retrieved a lost dog who had apparently just had surgery to amputate his right rear leg. The blonde pitbull mix, who the shelter named Lola, had a collar but no tag or microchip.

In an effort to locate Lola’s owner, the Human Society launched a nationwide search via a viral Facebook post that was shared all over the country. Unfortunately, Lola’s original owners never claimed the pup, so she was put up for adoption.

“Every vet in the surrounding areas was contacted for information about her obviously recent amputation,” a follow-up post read. “Nothing. No one knew anything about this sweet, loving, affectionate pooch.”

It wasn’t long before sweet Lola was adopted by long-haul trucker Cory Wandling, who had been looking for a companion to join him on the road.

“Yesterday, lovely Lola went to her new forever home. And what a life she is going to have! Lola is about to embark on an adventure that will take her all over the country, as she is going to be traveling with her new dad, who is a long-haul trucker! Because of her sparkling personality and unique appearance, this sweet girl is sure to be a hit no matter where she goes,” the post continues.

Wandling says he and Lola hit off right away.

“She just came right up to me. She’s really friendly,” says Wangling, who tells ABC’s WYFF 4 he can cover about 600 miles in one day.

“It can be lonely driving a truck, so having somebody to be there that smiles and wags there take is something that’s nice to have,” he says.

Shelter workers and fans say they are looking forward to following Lola and Wandling’s journeys together.

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