High School Soccer Coach Charged For HUMAN TRAFFICKING

A high school and youth league coach is being charged with human trafficking in California.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department reported that a man was in custody after a 17-year-old girl contacted emergency dispatch to say that she had been forced into prostitution and wanted out.

Elan Seagraves, 34, was arrested early Christmas morning for allegedly pimping two underage girls. Seagraves is a former soccer coach at Sacramento’s John F. Kennedy High School and also coached for various local youth leagues. He also works for Lyft and Uber as a driver.

The 17-year-old contacted police Christmas morning to report that she was the victim of human trafficking and sexual assault. She provided 911 with her address and told the dispatcher to have officers meet her in the backyard where she was hiding out. Deputies were then dispatched and located the girl, who told them that her pimp was waiting in a nearby car, making it likely she told Seagraves the lie that she was heading to an early Christmas business appointment.

Deputies found Seagraves waiting in his car along with another underage teenager who was also the victim of human trafficking. Seagraves was then arrested and charged with human trafficking of a minor.

“It’s absolutely 100 percent alarming,” Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Shaun Hampton told KTXL news. “We want to encourage, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of any other things they may be involved in, it’s important to come forward.”

Sacramento City Unified School District released a statement condemning Seagraves and stating he will never coach school soccer again. “While he passed a background check and had no prior offenses when we hired him to coach soccer in our district, we expect more appropriate behavior from someone we trusted to work with our kids.

“Mr. Seagraves will no longer be allowed to work with our kids in any capacity.”

Seagraves is now being held at Sacramento County Jail on a $2 million bond. He’s scheduled to return to court for a plea on Thursday.

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