Heroic bus driver braves deadly fireball to pull injured drivers from wreckage

A bus driver has been celebrated as a hero after she rescued two drivers who were badly hurt in a crash – and bravely risked her life in the process.

Ruth Kelly was driving a bus in Halewood, Merseyside, when she spotted the wreckage of a car and van down an embankment at around 7.15pm on a Friday evening in November.

She encountered a motorist who was laying on the ground after being thrown from the vehicle due to the impact of the crash, reports the Liverpool Echo .

Ruth, 29, stayed with the motorist and helped him stay awake and by speaking with him and holding his hand.

She then turned her attention to the van driver who was still sitting in his seat, clearly in a lot of pain.

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Suddenly, the van burst into flames, whipping up into a fireball, as the driver, in his 50s, said: "There's petrol cans in the back of the van."

Ruth, from Halewood, swiftly guided him to her bus – which was out of service at the time – and gave first-aid to both injured men.

Another Arriva driver turned up and reversed Ruth's bus away from the scene amid growing fears the van was going to suddenly explode.

Ruth, who has only been working for the company for four months, remained at the scene for three hours, helping the two victims and helping police with their enquiries.

Her incredible response saw her hailed a hero by her bosses who nominated her for an internal company bravery award.

Three weeks later, the van driver, who suffered serious injuries, got in touch and sent Ruth a bouquet of flowers for her efforts.

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She said: "I'm just glad they're both ok.

"It all happened so fast, I just reacted the way anybody would have reacted.

"I've only been driving a bus for a short period of time, but I love it.

"Getting the flowers was really nice."

Howard Farrall, managing director of Arriva Merseyside, said: "We’re incredibly proud of Ruth and her actions.

"She showed incredible bravery and selflessness in helping those involved in this accident.

"She administered first aid, provided safety and shelter for those who were injured and made sure they were all away from the van as it was engulfed in flames.

"Her actions were incredible, and we’ve shown her Arriva’s appreciation with an internal acknowledgement and award at her depot.

"We’re grateful for Ruth’s quick reactions and how she helped those injured in the accident

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