Hero stylist shuts down teen who makes vile comment in Primark

When a fashion stylist overheard some friends talking in Primark, she was stunned by their conversation.

Susie Hasler heard one of the teenagers tell her mate that she looked “terrible” in a pair of sunglasses.

And if this didn’t embarrass her enough, the girl was also asking strangers to criticise her pal.

Not wanting to let this happen, the fashion pro decided to come to the rescue.

Susie, 36, was walking around Bluewater Shopping Centre when she heard the cruel comments.

The stylist, from East Grinsted, West Sussex, hit back at the teen who was tearing into her friend.

Recalling the moment on her Instagram page, Styled By Susie, she wrote: “One of the girls – and with friends like this who needs enemies – was getting passers-by to get her friend how awful she looked.

“She was saying ‘those glasses look awful, excuse me, can you tell my friend how terrible she looks’.

“I was stood there and I said ‘excuse me, can I have a look?’

“She turned around and she was wearing high-fashion sunglasses, not to everyone’s taste.”


Knowing she had to do something to boost the deflated shoppers’ confidence, Susie decided to reassure her.

She continued: “And I said ‘I’m a personal stylist, and I think they look fab, and if you love them, you should get them’.

“At which point, the friend said ‘I think I’m going to listen to the personal stylist’s point of view’.

“And her friend said ‘but I don’t like them, I like the more classic styles. I like the aviator styles.’

“I said to her, ‘what about your friend? She likes these? She looks fab in them’.

“So she went and bought them.”


After sharing the story with her Instagram followers, Susie said a lesson could be learned from the encounter.

She added: “Be careful who you surround yourself with and remember just because your friend doesn’t like it doesn’t mean you don’t have to buy it.

“Follow your own style intuition… and if I’m nearby, I’ll tell them off!”

The stylist has since been praised for looking out for others.

After her video swept Instagram, she’s gained plenty of new followers.

People have also been flocking to Susie’s Instagram page to leave kind comments – and some have branded her a “hero”.

One responder wrote: “I love this. Well done.”

Another said: “Oh Susie! Such great advice and may many listen to this and take note.”

A third added: “Love this. I bet she feels amazing every time she wears them now too.

“Well done you for stepping in!”

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