Heavily tattooed goths look totally unrecognisable in pictures without ink

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Being a heavily tattooed goth might make it more of a challenge to dramatically change your appearance.

But with the help of professional makeup artists, anything is possible.

Here, we take a look at some goths who were either radically different in the past or who transformed their unique look for an experiment.

From a model who turned glam to look like her mum to a vampire who became a beauty queen like her sister – here are some extreme goth makeovers.


British model Chanel describes herself as a ghetto goth and she is famed for her shaved head and eye-popping ink.

Growing up in Bristol, she was bullied for being ginger and mixed raced – until she responded by shaving her head and getting it tattooed.

But the 28-year-old got her countless tattoos covered up in an extreme experiment where she ditched her black attire for a white dress.

Chanel, who got her first tattoo aged 17, told Daily Star: “Aside from pictures of me as a child I couldn’t remember what I looked like without tattoos.

“I just wanted to see how I would have looked if things turned out differently.

“It was strange because I looked just like my mum. But even she was like ‘oh no, you need to get that outfit off’.”

You can read the full story of her transformation here.

Cory Mortish

Cory Mortish is a horror fanatic who has 75% of her body covered in tattooed.

The eye-popping goth is an alternative model and she said her most painful ink sessions were her fingers and the side of her head.

And Cory, from El Paso, Texas, recently shared a throwback snap with Daily Star showing herself without tattoos.

She said: “I definitely now love myself and my look. I’d never change it for nothing or no one. I’m me and I’m absolutely badass.”

And the 31-year-old added: “I feel like I’ve now reached my goal of what I always dreamed of looking like and I just love my artwork.

“And my favourite tattoos would be my horror portraits, I just love horror movies.”

Shanny Webb

Shanny Webb is a self-described demonic metal goth who didn’t recognise the “evil” woman staring back at her in the mirror after transforming last year.

The 25-year-old had her 20 tattoos temporarily glossed over to make her look like a glam girly girl princess.

But Shanny, who lives in Brighton and has 10 piercings and ears stretching 42mm, was unimpressed.

She told Daily Star: “I didn’t recognise myself. It took hours to do because of all my tattoos.

“My first reaction was a bit like, 'what the f***?' I thought I looked quite evil compared to my normal self.

“In fairness I didn’t actually think it was awful, I didn’t hate the look, it was just totally different to what I go for.

“But the thing I did hate was being in a dress and heels – I wouldn’t ever do that again.”

Jordan Bovee

Magical vampire and industry goth Jordan Bovee was raised in a conservative Christian home with a mum who was blonde and tanned.

Her sister was inspired by their mum’s glitzy appearance – but Jordan, from Minnesota, US, was the “black sheep” of the family.

She has dressed as a goth since she was a child but last December she took part in an experiment to turn her into a glam beauty queen like her sister.

After swapping the black latex for a glittery silver dress and having her tattoos removed, the artist, 27, told Daily Star: “I was completely taken aback seeing myself like that.

“I expected to recognise myself at least a little bit with my natural features, but I looked like an entirely different person.

“It almost scared me a bit since I've grown so used to what I look like.”

You can read the full story of her transformation here.

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