Hairstylist shares dyeing grey hair mistake which ‘looks really bad’

Many women see their hair going grey as a negative but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Hairstylist turned content creator Glam Girl Gabi took to YouTube to share an important tip for ladies with grey locks.

Loads of mature women choose to hide their greys for as long as they can by dying over them every few weeks. 

However, this can be a hassle – not to mention expensive – so growing them out can be pretty liberating.

Glam Girl Gabi revealed that while she is not opposed to covering greys with hair dye, the more grey hairs a woman has, the more visible the regrowth line.

For those who want to take the plunge and embrace the grey, the hairstylist shared a major mistake women should avoid – plus what to do instead.

She said: “The biggest piece of advice I have for you if you’re looking to transition out of colouring your hair is to start by ashing out your hair. Mistake number one is having a warm hair colour contrasting with your grey hair.

“Warm-toned browns like chestnut and even warm-toned blondes like honey are a massive contrast to grey because they are tonally opposite.”

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She explained that grey is a cool colour so if it is put beside a warm colour it “looks really bad”.

So according to the expert, the trick for transitioning into grey hair is to add some cool tones.

Gabi continued: “If your hair is a warm, milk chocolate brown for example and then your greys come in, there will be a huge contrast and that is all the eye will focus on.”

Transitioning into a mushroom brown colour or mixing ash-grey highlights with deep brown ashy lowlights is a great way to make the change subtly.

The expert explained that blending the natural grey out is essentially “mixing various dark and light ashy shades”.

In another video, Glam Girl Gabi shared another “life-changing” tip for women with grey hair, calling it “magic”.

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