Gwen Stefani Told the Most WTF Story About Blake Shelton's Ex Being Weirdly Obsessed with Her

Gwen Stefani showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, and in between musings about her favorite bands, she casually revealed that Blake Shelton used to date a girl who was low-key (or quite possibly high-key) obsessed with her.

“He did tell me that he dated a girl for, like, three months that had my face plastered over her whole bedroom,” she said. “So that’s kind of weird, right?”

Um, IDK, what do you think?

Jimmy Kimmel’s response to this alarming tale? “That’s really weird. You know what you oughta do? I hope Blake isn’t watching so you can surprise him. Find out what she looks like and plaster her face all over your room.”

Best idea ever (though Gwen thinks it’s “gross”). Go ahead and watch the whole glorious interview go down below:

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