‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Teddy Seeks Advice From Meredith As Owen & Amelia Grow Closer

As Teddy contemplated whether or not to tell Owen she’s pregnant during the Oct. 25 episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, his rekindled feelings for Amelia seemed to deepen.

Should she tell Owen or shouldn’t she? That’s the question that was on Teddy’s mind during the Oct. 25 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, when she sought advice from Meredith regarding her unexpected pregnancy. Teddy was actually on her way out of Seattle when Meredith demanded they meet up to talk. Teddy was taken aback since she didn’t think Meredith knew she was pregnant, but Maggie shared Teddy’s secret with Meredith even though she wasn’t supposed to. Anyway, while baking cookies back at Meredith’s house, Teddy, who said she’s still in love with Owen, revealed that she didn’t want to tell Owen about her pregnancy because she feared Owen would then “claim” her and she’d never know whether or not he wanted to be with her because he loves or just because she’s pregnant with his baby. But Meredith assured Teddy that everything would work itself out once the baby’s born.

Meanwhile, Owen and Amelia spent most of the episode staked out in a car, spying on Betty during her first day at school. They feared she’d escape after they dropped her off, and sadly, they were right. But since they were there, Owen put a stop to Betty’s plan. Afterwards, Owen told Amelia how surprised he is by the fact that they’re now raising two kids together, as he never thought it’d happen. She then brought up the fact that it was her tumor and the death of her baby, Christopher, that initially stopped her from wanting kids. But now she seems overjoyed by the idea of raising kids with Owen. However, given the fact that Teddy’s pregnant with Owen’s baby, could it be too little, too late?

Finally, Jo got to work on her fellowship with Bailey, but they were eventually sidelined by a patient with a mystery illness. The patient kept demanding to see Meredith Grey, and they actually almost sent the patient home as they thought her illness was a figment of her imagination, but thanks to some pain brought on by eating a sandwich, Bailey discovered the problem. Once it was solved, she told Jo how even though she gave up her job as the Chief Of Surgery, she still deals with stress on a daily basis thanks to Ben’s job as a firefighter.

One other small tidbit worth noting: Alex worked on a patient with Link, during which he discovered Link isn’t such a bad guy after all. Alex initially held a grudge because he felt Link should have protected Jo from her dangerous husband, Paul, but Link said that had he known, he definitely would have done something.

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