Gosh, Meghan, how very POSH you’ve got!

Gosh, Meghan, how very POSH you’ve got! Where fashion queen Victoria Beckham leads, her new royal pal follows… could it be all the way to the altar?

  • Since arriving in London Meghan Markle has made some very influential friends
  • Victoria Beckham has introduced Meghan to her favourite facialist and brands
  • But who wore the creamy roll-neck sweater and the high-waisted skirt the best?
  • Meghan has stepped out in some very similar outfits to the former Spice Girl 

Since arriving in London, Meghan Markle has made some influential friends. 

And when it comes to fashion, the woman who will soon become the Royal Family’s newest Princess has gone appropriately… Posh.

Who designed the stylish white short-sleeved cashmere jumper she wore for one of her official engagement photographs?

Why Spice Girl-turned-designer Victoria Beckham, of course.

Pretty in cream: Meghan’s high-neck sweater she wore on a visit to Birmingham this year was very similar to the one Victoria Beckham wore out and about in New York in 2016

City chic: The hat Meghan wore on a trip to London struck a similar chord as the one Posh wore in the capital in 2014

Strutting their stuff: Meghan and Posh both wore a flared pair of high-waisted trousers this year, with Posh working the look during New York Fashion Week and Meghan showcasing the ensemble on a trip to Edinburgh

Regal white: Meghan opted for a similar look to Posh when she took a trip to Westminster Abbey this year, showcasing a high collar coat very similar to the Spice Girl’s ensemble as she strutted through JFK Airport in New York

And no guessing whose style pointers Meghan has followed since landing on our shores.

The two women have been friends for a few years, since Meghan first started visiting Britain. 

Victoria has introduced Meghan to British brands and even her favourite facialist, Chelsea-based Sarah Chapman.

The Mail on Sunday understands Victoria and husband David have even been invited to the royal wedding.

So what is VB style, and why does it work? It’s all about looking casual, while in fact being very precise.

Meghan brought a touch of the New York fashion showcased by Posh to the streets of Edinburgh this year, wrapping up in a three-quarter-length winter coat which grazed her knees

Did Meghan get there first with this one? The future royal bride wore a high-waisted lime-coloured skirt and black turtle neck in Nottingham last year, while Posh stepped out in a strikingly similar ensemble in Paris this year

Meghan worked a Posh staple – the black flared trouser – with a khaki coat slung on top during a visit to Bath this year, while the designer stepped out in an almost identical combination in New York just weeks earlier 

Green skirt and loose-fitting light top: While Posh worked this look in New York last year, Meghan stepped out in a similar ensemble months later in Northern Ireland

Last year Posh teamed a fitted black blazer with cropped black trousers during an evening out in London, and Meghan followed suit this year in the capital

Victoria has never felt she had the perfect body or skin, so her designs reflect that: cropped pants make your legs look longer; the roll-neck sweater hides your neck; a blouse or sweater tucked into a high- waisted skirt is feminine but controlled; a cream coat is luxurious – it screams that you will never, ever be near a puddle or a crayon.

And the fedora? Indispensable for those days when you can’t get to that facialist in Chelsea.

It seems whatever style Victoria pioneers, eagle-eyed Meghan is sure to follow suit.

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