German Countess who will play Elizabeth I: Alicia von Rittberg

The German Countess who will play Elizabeth I: Actress Alicia von Rittberg is set to make waves in the UK in Becoming Elizabeth after starring alongside Brad Pitt and taking on a VERY racy lesbian role

  • Award-winning actress Alicia von Rittberg, 26, is to play Elizabeth I in new film
  • The German countess has already made across Europe with budding career
  • Working since she was six and caught break in 2008’s Meine wunderbare Familie
  • Since then has starred in mass of films including Brad Pitt’s blockbuster Fury
  • In 2019, she took on a racy lesbian role and stripped off in Lotte am Bauhaus   

Many actors have to rely solely on their imagination when it comes to embodying a royal character. 

But not so for German actress Alicia von Rittberg, 26, who has been cast as Elizabeth I in a new TV drama Becoming Elizabeth.

For Alicia was born into the noble and ancient German house of Rittberg, which is thought to date back to the 16th century, although it no longer holds the mighty power and influence it once did. 

The actress even has the courtesy title ‘Countess’ but does not use it in a professional capacity. 

After roles opposite Brad Pitt in Hollywood blockbuster Fury and in a German-language film that saw her strip off for a lesbian sex scene, Alicia is now taking on the role of ‘the virgin queen’.  

While she may currently be a little known name in the UK, actress Alicia von Rittberg, 26, from Munich, is already well on her way to becoming a huge Hollywood star

Her rising star is on the up-and-up, with the actress set to star in the forthcoming Tudor drama Becoming Elizabeth, which will chart Queen Elizabeth I early years

The 26-year-old has plenty of experience in racy scenes and sexy on-screen romps, including stripping off for her role as Lotte Brendel in Bauhaus in 2019

Alicia shared a steamy moment with Logan Lerman in Brad Pitt’s blockbuster Fury, pictured

Becoming Elizabeth, which is due to air on Starz TV in the US later this year, will chart the early years of the queen’s reign as she finds herself on the throne following a tumultuous period of royal history. 

Undoubtedly her biggest role to date, but it seems unlikely it will phase Alicia, who even took meeting Brad Pitt in her stride.  

Alicia in Munich in December 1993 to Andreas Graf Von Rittberg, a managing director at an investment firm, and his wife Christiane. The couple also have three brothers.

As a child, she wasn’t always interested in being an actress and instead dreamed of being a singer.

Speaking to Ga.De, she revealed: ‘When I was little, I wanted to be a pop star, even though I could never sing really well. Britney Spears was my role model.’

Alicia started acting at the age of six and, through sheer determination and talent, was able to balance her lifelong dream of becoming an actress with gaining a degree in economics at the Zeppelin University

Alicia was born to Christiane and Andreas von Rittberg in December 1993 in Munich. Her family is of the noble house of Rittberg (pictured, her parents) 

But despite her noble heritage, she has previously said she ‘wouldn’t rely’ on her background in order to get a role. 

The noble house of Rittberg  

Rittberg (formerly also Retberg ) is the name of an originally Westphalian noble family. 

The family, some of whose branches still exist today, later acquired property and prestige mainly in Prussia, but also in Poland and Mecklenburg.

In older literature, it is assumed that the family descended from the von Rietberg family.

Speaking with the Berliner Zeitung, she said: ‘I think it’s very important to have something for myself and I always want to face new challenges.’ 

Meanwhile she said that growing up with three brothers had meant she learned one essential rule: ‘Assert yourself at the table and be a little more energetic and less girl-girl.’

She started acting at the age of eight and after her first audition said she had ‘tasted blood’ and was ready to sign with a children’s agency in the city.

She said: ‘There were more auditions and first roles. Overall, I found that to be pretty organic. Nothing happened head over heels.’ 

She attended a humanities-oriented school and made her acting debut in German TV programme Dingsda’, in which small children had to explain different everyday concepts.

But her real big screen debut in Germany came just a few years later.

In 2006 she appeared in a series of the crime series The Old One, followed by supporting roles in the TV shows Die Lawine and Die Sache mit dem Glück.

Her big break came when she starred in the seven-part film series Meine wunderbare Familie. 

Her big break came when she starred in the seven-part film series Meine wunderbare Familie as the main character’s teenage daughter (pictured) 

Her biggest role came in the American second world war movie Fury in 2014 opposite Brad Pitt and Logan Lermen 

Meanwhile the actress continued forging an impressive career in TV series and films in her home country,  including playing a combative nurse in the highly rated mini-series Charité

She played the 13-year-old daughter of the main character. 

Alicia went on to star as the main character in TV film Romy, and later The Secret of the Whales.  

She received the Günter Rohrbach Film Prize and the Young Talent Award at the Bavarian Television Prize for her performance as a humiliated Heimkind in the drama Und alle haben geschwiegen.

She went on to star in the family history ensemble On the Road with Elsa and the historical thriller The Midwife, for which she won the New Faces Award for Best Newcomer Actress. 

Her biggest role came in the American second world war movie Fury in 2014 opposite Brad Pitt. 

She was Pitt’s first choice to play a young German, Emma, who hosted an American tank crew and enjoyed a raunchy scene with Norman, played by Logan Lerman.

In 2017, the same year she graduated from university, she received the Bambi Award in the category of German actress for her role in Charité

She previously revealed she was cast after the team were looking for a ‘German actress around her age’ and she was invited to a casting.

She told news site she didn’t feel phased by working with Brad Pitt, saying: ‘This star cult never meant much to me. In this respect, I was in my right mind. 

‘It was good that I had met Brad Pitt before doing a reading. We sat together in the ensemble for two hours and read the script. Great actors are normal colleagues working on a film together.’

She revealed she even spoke ‘a little German’ with the A-lister, adding: ‘[It was] Very exciting.’

At the film’s premiere, she said she ‘loved England and loved London’, revealing: ‘The place we were shooting was very beautiful.’ 

She said performing opposite Brad Pitt was ‘incredible’, adding: ‘I couldn’t believe [he had cast me] at first. I tried to suck in every minute of it.’ 

Meanwhile the actress continued forging an impressive career in TV series and films in her home country, and, in 2017, won a Bambi Award for her role in the highly rated mini-series Charité.   

The same year, she appeared to follow in fellow Jennifer Lawrence’s footsteps when she chose to star in Alain Gsponer’s Godless Youth, a dystopian film based on Ödön von Horvath’s novel of the same name. 

In 2019, she played dating drifter Teresa in German comedy film Rate Your Date, who develops an app which allows you to rate romantic partners

Another big break came in 2019, when she portayed the main chacter in Bahaus, who embarked on a lesbian love affair (pictured, stripping naked during the film for a skinny dipping scene) 

Meanwhile she also balanced the blossoming career with studying for a corporate management and economics degree from Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, which she completed in June 2017.

Another big break came in 2019 when she juggled several big movie roles, including the main part as Lotte Brendel in Lotte am Bahaus. 

The story followed a young female student at the famous Bauhaus Design Academy in the early 1920’s, and was inspired by the real life of designer Alma Siedhoff-Buscher. 

During the film, Alicia strips off and dives into a lake naked before a saucy lesbian sex scene with co-star Nina Gummich. 

While the 26-year-old actress tends to keep tightlipped about her private life, she regularly shares glamorous shots with friends on her Instagram page 

The same year, she also played dating drifter Teresa in German comedy film Rate Your Date, who develops an app which allows you to rate romantic partners.  

Alicia landed her biggest role yet earlier this year and is set to star in the new  Starplayz series Becoming Elizabeth, which will chart the Queen’s early years.

It will follow the so-called ‘Virgin Queen’ as she becomes embroiled in political and sexual goings-on of the Tudor court before ascending the throne.

Other scenes have taken place in recent days at Wells Cathedral – with dramatic sequences featuring dead animals and severed heads, hinting an execution could be on the horizon.

Alicia landed her biggest role yet earlier this year and is set to star in Starplayz Queen Elizabeth I, which will chart her early years (pictured left and right) 

The young queen was famously orphaned as a teenager after her mother, Anne Boleyn, was beheaded by her father, Henry VIII. 

Elizabeth was only three years old when this took place, with King Henry going on to marry his third wife (of an eventual six), Jane Seymour.

But Henry died in 1547, with Elizabeth’s younger brother Edward inheriting the throne at the tender age of nine.

He died of tuberculosis when he was 15. He had taken his half-sisters – Mary and Elizabeth – out of the line of succession, under the influence of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, resulting in Northumberland’s daughter-in-law Lady Jane Grey to reign.

Alicia has been snapped several times in full Tudor costume while on set in Somerset (pictured, in January) 

This caused outrage and Lady Jane only sat on the throne for nine days before Mary took her rightful place on the throne.

Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth I in 1558 following the death of Queen Mary, and reigned for 45 years until her death in 1603.

She famously ruled alone without a husband, earning her the nickname ‘The Virgin Queen.’ 

Filming for the series began in December, and it boasts an all-female writing team after being created by Anya Reiss, and is expected to air on Starz in the US later this year.

And, while Alicia’s star is on the rise, very little is known about her own private life. 

She rarely shares personal pictures and has never spoken about her love life to the press.    

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