G-Eazy's Taste Level? It's High

G Eazy kicked off his Expensive Taste Test with a bold proclamation: “I have very expensive taste, and I pride myself on that kind of taste.” Sure, he talked a pretty big game, many of our players do, but to say he lived up to the hype is an understatement. He crushed this game, so note to the public: If you come across G-Eazy don’t try and give him any low-budget knockoffs, because he is no one’s fool!

So how exactly did we decipher that the “Breakdown” singer is an expensive product detective? Well, I’d bet you might not peg G-Eazy as a moisturizer snob, but that’s one of the many products that fall under his expertise. In addition to whiskey, sour candy, hair pomade, and OFC bottled water. This man simply cannot be stumped. Watch to see how he dominated, since in G-Eazy’s words, “ya can’t keep the kid down!” Amen to that.

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