From ‘Sliving’ to ‘flawsome’ – see if you know slang words coined by celebs

There seems to be a new word floating around everyday that you have to Google to make sure you're still 'down with the kids'.

And celebrities are a big part of that, with a number of stars coining their own terms.

With slang terms currently dominating the pop culture scene, it’s impossible not to give credit or show appreciation to some of the iconic words coined by celebrities and high profile individuals.

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But do you know what they all mean?

With the help of Preply, we've taken a trip down memory lane to outline some of the most notable and classic slang words made popular by stars that are still regularly heard today.

1. ‘Sliving’ – Paris Hilton

Socialte Paris Hilton is known for coining the term ‘sliving’, which is a reference to ‘slaying’ and living your best life.

Simply put, a person who is ‘sliving’ really has it all – from personal to professional success. Sounds like Paris to us!

2. ‘Flawsome’ – Tyra Banks

US TV personality and model Tyra Banks stands for all things love and acceptance.

So much so, she invented the word ‘flawsome’, which refers to the act of feeling great while embracing your own flaws.

Other words Tyra has coined over the years include ‘smize’, a.k.a. smiling with your eyes and ‘drekitude’ (a disgusting attitude).

3. ‘Okurr’ – Cardi B

As seen in her interviews and in her famous advertising endorsements, Cardi B fans know that the rapper simply doesn’t say ‘okay’.

Instead, she drops the word ‘okurr’, which is a cross between ‘okay’ and sure’. The word itself is intended as a sassy yet agreeable way of saying ‘okay'.

It's now used regularly by many, including fellow stars such as the Kardashians.

4. ‘Shamazing’ – Nicole Scherzinger

Back during her X-Factor days, judge Nicole Scherzinger dropped the term ‘shamazing’ to describe a performance by singer Jahmene Douglas.

The word simply means ‘super amazing’ or ‘super cool’ – and whether this is a cringe-worthy piece of slang is certainly still up for debate.

5. ‘Bible’ – The Kardashians

The word ‘Bible’ is commonly used in the Kardashian/Jenner household when it comes to expressing something you really mean.

The term itself originates from the fact one is required to swear on the Bible in court ahead of giving evidence.

6. ‘Bootylicious’ – Destiny’s Child

The word ‘Bootylicious’ was coined back in 2001, as sung in the hit song by Destiny’s Child.

As well as being a reference to having a well-endowed booty, the word also refers to a woman feeling sexy and voluptuous all-round.


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