‘The Four’ Live Blog: Season 2 Kicks Off With A New Set Of Finalists & Challengers

Season Two of ‘The Four’ is here and four new finalists are ready to defend their spot on the stage! Follow along with our live blog to see if they can keep their spots or if the new challengers will take their place!

The Four just premiered its second season, and the competition is already INTENSE. Four new finalists are ready to defend their spots on the stage, but it won’t be easy with challengers trying to take their place. The initial four are Carvena JonesJames GrahamStephanie Zelaya, and Sharaya J. To give you an idea of how serious these competitors are, James claimed that he used to be in a boyband that was “on their way to be the next One Direction.”

The first competitor was Chris Vanny, a 24-year-old father of two from Puerto Rico. He came in ready to impress judge DJ Khaled by performing a rendition of his hit song, “Wild Thoughts.” While the DJ predicted that the song choice “might be the smartest thing you ever did in your whole career,” he ended up not getting the chance to challenge one of The Four. Onto the next!

The next challenger was Majeste Pearson, a 21-year-old from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She came on strong by addressing The Four directly from the stage, and choosing to take on Adele‘s “Someone Like You.” Obviously taking on a song by Adele is no easy task, but judge Meghan Trainor thought it paid off. “That’s a tough song to sing and you killed it,” Meghan told her. Carvena was already ready to challenge her, saying that she wanted to “take her to church” before the judges even voted. In order to challenge one of The Four, all of the three rings needed to turn blue, which lucky for her – they did! Naturally, she chose to take Carvena up on her offer.

Carvena, a 23-year-old from Jackson, Mississippi, took the stage first to sing “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” by Faith Evans. So, not quite the Hozier sing-off we were expecting, but still good! Majeste followed up with Sia‘s “Chandelier” which did a fantastic job of showing off her incredible range. Meghan thought Carvena had it in the bag, while Diddy thought they both chose the wrong songs. But the choice was up to the audience and they chose… Majeste! The challenger took Carvena’s seat, and was locked in, which meant that no one else could challenge her for the remainder of the night.

Christina Castle was the night’s third challenger, and she came all the way from Sydney, Australia to get the opportunity to take on The Four. She sang “Side To Side” by Ariana Grande, and yes, she also did Nicki Minaj‘s verse. However, the judges – especially Diddy – weren’t especially thrilled with it. Khaled even went so far as to ask her to name one of The Four that she could actually beat, and she said James. Unfortunately, she wasn’t given the chance to take him on since she received three red circles.

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