Families attempt to recreate awkward childhood photos

Turning back time! Nostalgic families recreate childhood snaps as adults with hilarious results – as they squeeze into laundry baskets and cover their faces in spaghetti

  • Internet users rounded up the funniest attempts at recreating old family photos
  • People from across the world copied poses and outfits worn during childhood 
  • In one photo, two men manage to squash into tubs to recreate a baby snap

Most of us are keen to avoid our embarrassing childhood photos, pushing the old albums to the back of the cupboard.

But in a hilarious new gallery, brave adults have taken ownership of their awkward childhood moments – recreating a series of side-by-side snaps.

The online gallery, created by picture sharing site Amomedia, shows some of the funniest attempts at copying old family photographs – and it may make you feel nostalgic about years gone by.

Among the amusing images contributed by people from around the world, is a woman who appeared delighted to be eating with a face covered in spaghetti bolognese – just as she had done as a baby. 

Elsewhere two grown-up brothers hilariously recreated a bath-time picture from their childhood, managing to squash back into the tub.

People from around the world contributed their attempts at recreating childhood photos to a hilarious online gallery, including this woman who found joy in a laundry basket – even posing against the exact same wallpaper

A group of brothers searched for outfits similar to ones worn as toddlers and hired a photographer to capture their lasting bond, left, before and right, now

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A woman who had been thrilled to have a face covered in sauce while eating spaghetti bolognese as a child, indulged in the meal years later, below

A man who had been ecstatic to celebrate Christmas as a child, right, recreated his awkward holiday pose by forcing his legs once through an upside down t shirt, left

Two brothers managed to shrink back into yellow tubs as they posed for an awkward photograph wearing just vests, below, recreating their childhood snap, above

A group of siblings who had post alongside a surfboard on the beach, left, returned to the same spot for a similar pose years later, right, as older gentlemen 

Two brothers who had played during bath time as children, above, appeared in good spirits as they recreated the scene, below

A man who had stared in amazement at his father as a baby, left, managed to achieve the same look years later, right, though it didn’t have quite the same effect

Picking both nostrils at the same time as a child, right, a man proved he still had the habit by posing for a photo with the same expression , left

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