Facebook's dating service is scary, sure, but think of the benefits

Facebook held their annual F8 conference on Tuesday, and the big news is that the social media website will be launching a dating service.

Of course, CEO Mark Zuckerberg was quick to stress that the service would be safe, opt-in, and separate from the main website, saying the company has "designed [the service] with privacy and safety in mind from the beginning".

Mark Zuckerberg is going to play cupid.

Facebook knows people well enough to be a great matchmaker

Most of us have been giving Facebook our personal data for close to a decade now, and for what? Some targeted ads for hipster glasses brands and a rigged US election? Setting us up on a couple of dates is the least they could do. And they would probably be quite good at it.

If you think about it, using Bumble or Tinder is just pulling randoms off the street and asking them if they want to get drinks sometime. But signing up to a Facebook dating service is basically hiring Yenta the matchmaker to make you a match.

They know how much time you like to spend chatting on Messenger, if you're a Words With Friends or an Everwing kind of person, and whether you put that "#jesuisparis" filter on your profile picture. These are all very important factors for romantic compatibility! We must not let the people who jokingly mark themselves as "safe" during overseas natural disasters breed outside of their terrible gene pool!

Maybe Facebook should just skip the dating thing and just get into the business of arranged marriages?

And they provide a pretty good safety net for catching catfish

Moreover, besting even the more nuanced dating services – like OKCupid or eHarmony, where users must complete values-based questionnaires – Facebook knows these things about its users with certainty. You can't lie on the form here: Facebook knows you don't like camping in the wilderness if you rarely have a Messenger active time of longer than "4m".

Oh, and with a photo database dating back to when many of its users were in high school, no one is going to be able to use this thing with a picture of a male model they found online.

Think of the additional features

But the best thing about integrated Facebook dating is the possibility for innovation. Consider:

WooHoo indeed.

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