Extinction Rebellion protesters do group yoga as London ‘shut down’ begins

Extinction Rebellion's peaceful protesters have taken over major London bridges as the climate activists launch their planned London "shut down."

The environmental group is blocking key sites in the capital, including Westminster and Lambeth Bridges, in its demand for action on climate issues.

The eco warriors are trying to pressure the government into action in an ongoing series of protests in major cities around the world.

Protesters have occupied two bridges this morning as the Metropolitan Police try to push them back from disrupting the key routes.

The activists have been spotted doing yoga and building a "house" on the bridges, and playing cricket on blocked streets as they settle in around Westminster.

Protesters had blocked Tragalgar Square and streets around parliament by noon today.

Extinction Rebellion activists have claimed huge swathes of central London to "shut down the whole of Westminster" and surround the ministries in the launch of the group's planned two weeks of action.

Police were out in great numbers in London around Whitehall as the planned peaceful civil disobedience that will see activists call for urgent government action to curb carbon emissions kicked off this morning.

Extinction Rebellion has predicted crowds of tens of thousands will join in its "international rebellion" in the capital in coming weeks.

Extinction Rebellion protesters have been seen performing yoga on Westminster bridge this morning – and appear to be building a 'house' on Lambeth Bridge as they bid for a long shut down.

Onlooker James Bickerton said: "Protesters on Westminster Bridge have lit an incense candle and got mats out for yoga. It's all gone very rainbow rhythms."

Police were earlier pictured confiscated a giant sculpture of a head that was being used to block Lambeth Bridge.

Hundreds had blocked Trafalgar Square by noon as they put their plan to shut down roads around Parliament Square and Whitehall into action.

Two protesters mounted a Land Rover and trailer at the square's roundabout brandishing an XR flag and a sign reading "stop ecoside".

Groups of demonstrators have shut down roads around Parliament and Whitehall, with vehicles and bikes, and banners reading "tell the truth" and "No coal mines, no fracking".

A protest boat has been seen bearing activists down the Thames.

Police have surrounded the vehicle but have not moved the protesters.

A small group of activists had also locked themselves to a mock nuclear missile outside the Ministry of Defence, calling on the government to redirect the funds spent on Britain's Trident nuclear submarines towards climate policy.

Police are stationed outside the Houses of Parliament and by about 11am the Met said they had made 21 arrests.

Officers managed to break into an Extinction Rebellion van and arrest the driver on the bridge earlier this morning.

An onlooker told Press Association protesters had blocked the bridge with two vans and were trying to build a stage.

The protesters have been blocking major roads elsewhere in the world.

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