Ex-Islander Kaz admits confidence ‘has come with time’ as she celebrates collection launch

After fast becoming a style icon in the Love Island villa, Kaz Kamwi has tamed up with leading lingerie brand Boux Avenue to createa brand new collection, Kaz's night.

The range is a seriously special edit filled with party dresses and corsets, designed to make shoppers feel more confident – and we want every piece.

Ahead of the Kaz's Night launch, OK! caught up with the star, who revealed all on the style tips she learnt in the villa, her date nights with beau Tyler Cruickshank and what makes her feel confident and sexy…

How did the collaboration come about?

My relationship with Boux Avenue has been going on for years, I was a fashion blogger and influencer before I went into the villa, so I started off doing a few gifting posts then got promoted to paid posts and shortly after I went into the villa.

To continue that relationship after the villa means the world to me, it’s really organic. I've always shopped there, my pyjamas and lingerie are all from there. I love bodycon dresses, I love anything that has me snatched and to have this collection with them is amazing.

What’s your favourite piece from the collection and why?

I feel like I'm picking between my favourite children! I love the velvet red dress, I absolutely adore the fit and cut, my other favourite has to be the red burgundy backless dress, I absolutely love it. It’s the finer details for me – I love fabrics and details, I adore backless dresses, it’s business at the front and party at the back.

What’s your go-to look when you’re getting ready for a night out?

A glossy lip, I haven’t quite started wearing matte lipsticks yet, I also need an eyeshadow to match my outfit. I’m just a short dress kind of girl to be honest, I’m in a mini more than anything else.

What would be your ideal date night?

I wish Tyler was in this conversation, so I might need to write this down and send it over to him! I would love a really intimate dinner, something cosy like a Christmas igloo or cave with some candles. And [to] end the night with fireworks, I’m still yet to end my date with fireworks, how extra can I get?

Have you had a girls' night out with the other Love Island ladies since leaving the villa?

We all live quite far away from each other so I’ve done dinner with some of the girls and nights out with some. We need to all do an activity together but something we would all enjoy… I think we need to do a karaoke night!

In the villa, all we did was sing. There was no music in there and bless the producers, we ruined their ears with our mics. We forgot lyrics by the end of it as it had been so long since listening to music.

What does Tyler like to see you wearing on a date night?

Anything! He’s complimented pretty much every single outfit, he’s always like ‘babe, this is your best look’ and then I’ll wear something else and he’s like ‘no this is your best look’, I’m like yeah, I’ll take it – he loves me in a red dress.

The public loved all of your outfits in the villa, have you always been into fashion?

Yeah I have, from a young age, I've always experimented. When everyone was tie-dying their denim jackets, I always did that, I would buy a denim jacket and rip it with pliers.

I got into the studs and studded all of my dresses, I would turn my maxi dresses into a mini and sew the hem, so I've always been into fashion and experimenting with clothes and colour.

Where do you get your style inspiration from?

I get it from shows like Gossip Girl, they would piece things together so well and I also look at music. I love Rihanna's style and I've just always looked for anything that makes me feel confident and my sexiest.

No matter where I am, I always say, if I get stranded in this outfit, would I be worried about my outfit? I want to feel so good that I'm like ok, I'm stranded but I look good.

We noticed in the villa you all shared clothes. Who did you mostly share with and why?

I had so much with me that I actually gave my clothes to everyone! I ran out of bikinis two weeks before the end, but I still had spare dresses that I never had a chance to wear in the villa.

I took so much in there with me – I never wore anything twice. I’d send my clothes to the laundry, then pop them in a bag because I'd worn them, then I would give them to the girls to wear. I turned up with less hair products than I needed, I didn’t think I would be in there so long, I also ran out of makeup.

What styling tips did you learn from of the other girls?

The main tip I learnt was to pick your outfits the night before – and Faye taught me that boob tape is my best friend. If [there's] ever a crisis, just stick some tape on it. It could be the back of the dress and you should still use tape.

How has your life changed since leaving the villa?

I think it’s changed in a sense that everything is faster and everyone knows who I am, which is an adjustment but not a bad thing but everyones been lovely, I’ve met some incredible people. I’m such a people person anyway so it’s been so nice.

Have you always been confident or is it something that has come with time?

I think confidence has definitely come with time. I've always been pretty sure of myself and just who I am and self aware. A lot of people can try and take your confidence away from you.

I learnt about rejection at a very young age so when people try to attack your looks or personality, it’s more of a reflection on them and not you. Anytime I've been authentically myself, I've built the best friendships and best connections with people so I've tried to keep it that way. If people can accept me for the rawest version of me, then I win.

Do you have anything else exciting coming up?

I’m getting into the swing of things, getting back into my social media with fashion and more beauty. I love makeup and skincare and I love doing my hair, basically just all parts of me are coming through in different ways.

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