Etiquette expert reveals the proper way to STAND at a cocktail party

Etiquette expert reveals the proper way to STAND at a cocktail party to look smart and stop your feet getting tired

  • Dr Clinton Lee is a Vancouver-based wine writer as well as an etiquette expert
  • He is also a creator on TikTok where she shares videos with his 1.5 million fans
  • A recent viral video revealed the appropriate way to stand at a cocktail party 
  • Responses from social media users were mixed, with one calling it ‘pedantic’

An etiquette expert has sparked a debate online after sharing a viral video about the best way to stand at cocktail parties. 

Dr Clinton Lee is a Vancouver-based wine critic and writer, as well as a TikTok creator with 1.5 million followers.

He regularly shares etiquette videos, tackling topics including the best way to butter bread, and the way gentlemen should pull out women’s chairs for them.

A recent clip looked at how you should stand at a cocktail party to avoid feeling tired, and so you maintain a good posture.

Etiquette expert Dr Clinton Lee (pictured) released a viral video showing people the best way to stand at a cocktail party

Ever felt awkward standing at a cocktail party? Here’s Dr Lee’s tip on how to stand so you won’t be tired and have the right posture. 👌#APWASI #etiquettetips #etiquettecoach #etiquetteexpert #etiquetteclass

In the video, Dr Lee says: ‘I recommend one foot in front, one foot at the back, sort of like a ‘L’ shape.

‘And your front foot should be able to lift up without a problem. The weight is on the back.

‘So if you are suddenly bumped by someone, you can move forward, you can move backwards. There’s not a problem.

‘If you’re getting tired on your back foot, you can move to your front foot.’

Some of the social media users who watched the video suggested that they thought the etiquette expert was being pedantic in this video 

Responses to the video were mixed, with some commentators suggesting that they were not interested in implementing this level of precision into their daily activities.  

One wrote: ‘I don’t even think I’m blinking correctly when I watch this man.’ 

Another added: ‘You’re overthinking this brother.’

And a further commentator wrote: ‘This i have never understood this level of etiquette. You almost like act that point, lose whats you.’ 

While some commentators thought the etiquette advice had gone too far, others appreciated it, saying they loved the instructions

However, others were grateful for the advice, and asked the etiquette expert for further tips.

One wrote: ‘What do I do with my hands? Is putting them in my pockets ok? Jacket or pants pockets?’

Another asked: ‘what do we do with our hands if we have no drink’

And a third said: ‘Never thought standing could be so fancy. I love it!’

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