Elon Musk’s Millon-Dollar Car Collection, Worth Ranked

Business magnate Elon Musk, known for his work behind Tesla, SpaceX, and a myriad of other companies, currently sits as the fourth richest man in the world. With a net worth of approximately $190 billion, it’s to be expected the businessman has a collection of gorgeous rides at his disposal.

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Below, we take a look at some of the most notable cars in Musk’s collection and offer a broad estimate of how much his cars have cost him. Fans may be surprised to know it’s not only Teslas he has in his collection! With a great variety in price points – one of his rides cost his almost a million dollars, while others are only worth a couple thousand dollars – Musk’s car collection sits at least at $2.55 million. That’s only based on the cars he’s admitted to having or has been seen driving around in. Given Musk’s wealth, it wouldn’t be surprising to discover he has even more cars tucked away on his various properties.

12 BMW 320i – $1400

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Before he was the billionaire he is today, Musk bought a modest, second-hand 1978 BMW 320i in 1994 for only $1,400. The car was originally released in 1978. Business Insider explains he only had the car for two years before the wheels fell off after a Zip2 intern got into an accident.

11 Ford Model T – $24,000

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GQ magazine reports that Musk is the proud owner of a 1920 Ford Model T, which was gifted to the tycoon by a friend, he revealed on Twitter. This model originally cost $850 to build.

While it’s unclear how much the car was worth when Musk bought it, according to Hot Cars, consumers can expect to spend anywhere between $17,000-24,000 on one of these vintage beauties.

10 Tesla Cybertruck – $39,000

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Elon was seen driving this futuristic car with his partner Grimes in the passenger seat as they headed to Nobu in Malibu, GQ explains.

While the price hasn’t been officially released for this model, it will likely start at around $39,000, YouTube confirms.

9 E-Type Jaguar Roadster – $40,000

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When venture capitalist investors gave Musk a $40,000 pay day after he launched his first business, Zip2, in 1995, the businessman spent a decent portion of it on an E-Type Jaguar, GQ reports. Musk originally fell in love with E-Types as a teenager and long said it would be one of the first cars he would buy.

However, Musk later criticized the car for its unreliability. “That one was like a bad girlfriend — it kept breaking down on me and causing me all sorts of trouble,” he said in a Forbes YouTube video.

8 Audi Q7 – $48,000

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Musk welcomed this luxury SUV into his collection shortly after his first wife gave birth to triplets. However, he’s since referred to the model as “horrendous,” complaining specifically about the lack of room, GQ notes. TheRichest’s YouTube video confirms he spent around $48,000 on this drive.

7 Hamman BMW M5 – $80,000

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GQ explains that Musk has a 2006 Hamman BMW M5 in his car collection. According to a YouTube video posted by TheRichest, Elon likely spent around $80,000 on this vehicle.

6 Tesla Model 3 – $85,000

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“I mostly drive Model S Performance with dev version of FSD computer,” Musk revealed in 2019 via Twitter. This car would likely cost a consumer around $85,000 without any upgrades.

5 Tesla Model X – $111,000

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If he’s driving with one or all of his six kids, Musk often takes his Model X. “Model 3P & then X if driving with my kids. Acceleration is fun on tap!” he explained on Twitter in 2019.

According to Tesla, this car starts at $111,000.

4 Porsche 911 Turbo – $160,000

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GQ says that Musk has a 2012 Porsche 911 Turbo in his collection. He likely spent a cool $160,000 on this car, TheRichest’s YouTube video notes.

3 Tesla Roadster – $250,000

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The Tesla Roadster debuted in 2008 and it made sense that Musk was the first person to own this beauty. This was Musk’s daily ride for many years until he decided to send it off into space – literally.

GQ confirms the eccentric businessman used his SpaceX Flacon Heavy rocket to launch the car into space, complete with a dummy in the passenger seat and ‘Space Oddity’ playing on the radio.

According to Tesla, this car starts at around $250,000.

2 McLaren F1 – $800,000

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According to GQ, Elon previously revealed in a tweet that he made himself decide between a Palo Alto or a McLaren F1 after his first company sold, opting to go for the latter. He eventually sold the car in 2007 for an almost million-dollar profit, Business Insider explains.

As confirmed in TheRichest’s YouTube video on Musk’s wealth, the businessman likely spent around $800,000 on this beauty.

1 Lotus Esprit – $920,000

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Musk came into possession of this gorgeous vehicle, which happens to be a piece of James Bond memorabilia, in 2013, GQ notes. While the 1976 car was originally valued at $100,000, Musk reportedly spent almost a million dollars on the vehicle – specifically $920,000 – at an auction.

When all of the prices are added up together, Musk’s car collection is worth at least $2.55 million. Now that’s what we call riding in style!

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