Eight car noises that could cost drivers £1.7k – from squeaks to rattling sounds

There's a lot of motoring issues that could be happening to your car.

While some problems are visible, others make a lot of noise so they're impossible to ignore.

The vehicle management experts Wessex Fleet have offered their tips to drivers checking their car.

They revealed how problems with regular checks could help road users avoid costs of £1,700 on their vehicle.

Director Simon Naylor, said: "The upkeep of any car can be expensive, whether you are leasing or it's yours.

"It's important you listen out for any concerning noises your vehicle may start to make.

"Getting any issue fixed sooner could save causing extra damage to the vehicle and keep the repair bill lower."

Here are eight noises to listen out for in your car:

Groaning when turning

Being low on power steering fluid could cause a groaning sound when turning your steering wheel.

Topping this up should only cost you around £15 at most, but a flush and replacement will set you back around £115.

Ignoring it could mean a cost of £300 further down the line.

Squeaking under the bonnet

A high-pitched squeaking noise could be a sign of a faulty water pump. It could cost around £280 to replace.

Screeching wheels

If you hear your wheels screeching when you brake, then this is an indication your brake pads are wearing down.

Brake pads usually last around 50,000 miles and may set you back £250.

Rattling exhaust

This tends to indicate a problem with the exhaust bracket which can be manually tightened if found to be loose.

To check, make sure the car has cooled before giving the exhaust a gentle shake.

More serious bracket issues may cost £125.

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Clicking sounds

A clicking sound when turning could be a sign of an issue with a constant velocity joint.

This usually affects the front wheels and they can be subjected to dirt and moisture when damaged.

Clunking when driving

If your car makes a clunking sound when going over speed bumps, then this may be a sign there is a problem with the anti-roll bar.

Tyres rumbling

If you hear this it could mean there's a tyre or wheel bearing issue which might cost around £200.

To avoid tyre wear, don't curb your car as often and check regularly for signs of wear and tear.

Squealing engine

A faulty alternator belt or drive belt may cause a squealing sound from the engine.

Replacing a worn belt or one that has snapped completely may cost £150.

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