Easy cleaning hack transforms burnt pots and pans for less than £4

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For those of us who pride ourselves in having a sparkling home there are certain problem areas which can become major bugbears.

The bottom of frying pans can become scorched, burnt and brown very quickly, despite being cleaned frequently and well.

These brown stains are usually caused by stray cooking oil leaking down to the bottom of the pan and then being cooked at a high temperature.

Thankfully, one cleaning fan has discovered a method which transforms burnt pans.

On her cleaning and home focussed Instagram account, El, @asfreshasadaisyy_, posted a before-and-after snap of her pans.

She wrote: “My frying pan before and after.

“I used the Pink Stuff paste, Elbow Grease and Flash bicarbonate soda spray with a Brillo pad and a lot of scrubbing.”

El continued: “There’s no need for a new one now, these products produce amazing results!”

The Mrs Hinch fan showed photos of her pan going from blackened to clean silver.

Lots of followers were amazed by the transformation which they labelled “amazing” and “wow”.

One person wrote: “Wow! What’s your secret weapon?”

El’s listed products include lots of Hincher favourites including The Pink Stuff, The Miracle Cleaning Paste.

You can buy the thick scrubbing paste for £1 at Sainsbury’s or 89p at The Range.

Work the oil-based Star Drops brand cleanser into the bottom of the pan using circular motions for a few minutes before rinsing off.

Then, use another Sophie Hinchliffe favourite, Elbow Grease degreaser spray and scrub this into the base of the pan too.

You can buy Elbow Grease for £1 a bottle at the Pound Shop or The Range.

Then, go in with the Flash Bicarbonate All Purpose Spray, £2 at Wilko’s, and scrub for a further few minutes.

Repeat the steps using hot water until your pans are squeaky clean.

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Remember to check that all products and pads are suitable for the material of your specific pans before trying this hack.

All together the hack should cost you no more than £4… far cheaper than a new set of pans.

That’s a win!

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