Dying dog tries McDonald's cheeseburger for the first time

Dying dog tries McDonald’s cheeseburger for the first time – and she’s lovin’ it!

  • Emmie Nielsen, 23, from Putney, had had Molly, a staffy, since she was a pup  
  • Said Molly always loved having cuddles and ‘eating everything in sight’
  • Two months ago, vets told Emmie that Molly had many cancerous tumours
  • Emmie gave Molly the best possible last day on earth before she was put down  

A woman has shared a heartbreaking video of her dog’s last day – including it eating a McDonald’s cheeseburger and having one last roll in the grass. 

Emmie Nielsen, 23, from Putney, always treasured her time with 12-year-old staffy cross Molly.  

But two months ago, a vet told her Molly was full of cancerous tumours and should be put down. 

Emmie then planned the most special last day on earth for her with favourite treats, four-legged friends and time in the sun. 

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A dog’s life: Molly was given a real treat on her last day – wolfing down a McDonald’s cheese burger in the boot of her car 

Best of times, worst of times: Molly also stopped off to see her bestie dog friend and have a catch up on the grass 

Speaking to The Mirror, Emmie said: ‘First we went to McDonald’s for her first and last cheeseburger and McFlurry. 

‘Then we took her for a drive to Pets at Home to get some attention from strangers and choose her last treat. She loved it.’ 

Emmie said that the last day – which she posted on TikTok – was very special. 

She said that she took her beloved pooch for a short walk to her favourite spot. 

The heartbreakingly sad video has been viewed 3.2 m times on TikTok and gathering upwards of 350,000 likes 

Molly may have looked healthy but her body was riddled with cancerous tumours that left her in pain 

As one last special treat, Molly enjoyed a cheeseburger and a McFlurry ice-cream from  McDonalds 

Molly also got to spend time wandering around her local Pets At Home store where she got to pick a treat 

Owner Emmie had had Molly since a puppy and said she loved having cuddles and eating everything in sight 

Paws for thought: Molly was taken for one last outing to her favourite spot and got to have a run about in the grass

Molly, who was put down at the age of twelve, also clearly enjoyed having a roll about in the grass on her last day 

Heartbreaking: In one of the most moving scenes, Molly was seen spending her last quality time with her sisters 

The tear-jerking video ends with the words ‘last stop’ and sees Molly lying beneath a large tree in the sun

She then left Molly say goodbye to her best friend dog and then to her sisters. 

Emmie described Molly as the ‘most loving, loyal baby’ who wouldn’t ever hurt a soul.

She explained that she had had her since a puppy and that she loved to eat everything in sight and have cuddles. 

Many people who viewed the video on TikTok were left balling uncontrollable – with some writing that they had also lost their beloved pets

Describing the cancer diagnosis, she said that at first a few lumps appeared but they weren’t causing any pain.

But then they got worse, leading to vets saying she should be put down. 

Emmie’s heartbreaking video has since got 3.2 m views – and a host of comments from fellow dog lovers. 

One wrote: ‘I balled my eyes out. So sorry for your loss.’

Another wrote: ‘We will miss them forever. No pain like it.’ 

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