Dog owner reveals her beloved pet was snatched from her garden

Heartbroken dog owner reveals her beloved pet was snatched from her garden while she was at the dentist – and reveals pranksters are taunting her by asking for a ransom

  • Allison McCulloch, from Buckinghamshire, had nine-months-old puppy stolen
  • Pup Nancy was taken from her garden while Allison was at a dentist appointment
  • Heartbroken Allison revealed mean pranksters had been taunting her for ransom

A pet owner whose dog was stolen from her garden revealed the likely dognappers had been calling her asking for ransom.  

Allison McCulloch, from Buckinghamshire, told Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby how her nine-month-old puppy Nancy was snatched from her garden while she had popped out for a dentist appointment.  

She claimed that there was no chance the dog could have strayed by herself and revealed she has received suspicious calls from people claiming to have her dog and asking for money in exchange for her safe return to Alison’s home. 

The dog owner said she had put the police on the case and that officers are following up on several leads. 

This Morning viewers said they felt for the poor dog owner, but some noted she shouldn’t have left her garden door open as she did. 

Nancy, pictured, was likely stolen on February 8th while Allison was at a dentist appointment and had left the puppy with her other dogs in the garden

Viewers felt for poor Allison, with some saying they would kill whoever tried to steal their own dog

‘I went out to go to the dentist. I left the dogs in the garden with the door open so they could go in and out, when I came back she was gone,’ Allison said. 

When Phil asked her whether Nancy could have escaped the garden herself, the dog lover said:  ‘No way. Every other dog would have been out if there was an exit route, the garden is very secured. She was just gone.’

Allison revealed she got in touch with the police using her dog’s microship, in hopes they’d help her find Nancy. 

‘They said it was a crime, they gave me a crime number and are looking into it, this sort of thing is going on a lot,’ she said. 

Allison McCullogh, from Buckinghamshire, was on This Morning and recounted how her nine-months-old puppy Nancy was snatched from her garden

Sharing her heartbreak, Allison said: ‘it just consumes you, looking for her, following up police.’

She added she has spent countless hours on social media, looking for her dog.  

And she revealed unkind people were calling her up, claiming they had Nancy and would give her back in exchange for money.  

‘I’ve had prank phone calls, people asking for money claiming they have her,’ Allison told Phil and Holly.   

‘People from DogLost said this is a recurring occurrence trying to get money out of desperate people because they know people will do anything to get their pets back,’ she explained. 

This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby listened to Allison’s sotry and wished Nancy would return safe and sound 

But the dog owner explained hope was in sight, because a kind stranger had brought Allison’s attention to an advert on a well-known dog buying platform, thinking it could be Nancy. 

‘It was a very blurry pictured, but there is a mark on the dog’s nose, I thought it could be her,’ Allison said. 

After Allison’s daughter-in-law tried to contact the sellers but didn’t get an answer, the family put the police on the case, who are now investigating with the help of the website.  

Phil read a statement from the police regarding Nancy’s likely dognapping incident.  

‘Police are still investigating an incident where a dog was stolen in a burglary which was reported to the force on the 8h of February,’ he read out. 

‘We do have some lines of inquiry but we do urge anybody who think they know the whereabouts of Nancy or who’ve been offered her to contact the police,’ he went on. 

‘All we can hope is that somebody come forward,’ he told Allison. 

Viewers were touched by Allison’s story and hoped for Nancy’s safe return. 

Viewers were sympathetic of Allison’s story, but some noted leaving your garden door open was a bad idea

‘I will personally kill anyone if they even attempt to steal my fur baby,’ one said sympathetically. 

‘People who steal other people’s dogs are absolute scum. I don’t think any words could adequately describe how much I hate them,’ another said. 

‘Dogs being stolen is an awful thing. People do the horriblest things for money,’ said another. 

However, some people were confused as to why Allison had left her door open so that the dogs could go in and out.  

‘I’m sorry this ladies dog was stolen, I’d hate it if it happened to my baby, however who goes out to the dentist leaving their door open?? I’m so confused,’ one said. 

Allison was speaking along Debbie Matthews, the daughter of Bruce Forsyth, whose two dogs were stolen from her car in 2006, who found them again thanks to a TV appeal and launched a charity, Pet Theft UK. 

Debbie said she was lucky that her appeal helped her be reunited with her dogs, and said the issue of dog theft should be taken seriously.  

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