Dog news: ‘Like a shark attack!’ Woman recalls horrific incident where pooch turned on her

Caroline Fisher, 48, said she was left with injuries “like a shark attack” when her rescue dog mauled her so badly she was left with tendons exposed in her legs and chunks of her flesh missing.

Ms Fisher said she had just returned home from the airport after her trip had been cancelled when her 5ft 6 Karachan dog, called Metcho, attacked her.

Caroline said she had been handing out treats to her dogs when the vicious canine struck her arm.

She said: “I don’t know what it was, maybe the overstimulation and excitement of seeing me after I came home. He started getting jealous of another one of my dogs sitting on my knee, I went to move the dog and nudge him because I could just see a little look in his eye.

“I stood up to tell him no and he nipped me on the arm, but as I told him to stop it just got worse. His eyes glazed over and he just flipped. The other dogs were barking and I think it just created a bit of a frenzy.

“I was trying to get to the front door but he was dragging me back by the ankle.

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“If I hadn’t escaped he would have killed me.”

A passing neighbour came to her rescue and Caroline was later rushed to hospital, where she remains awaiting multiple skin and muscle graft operations, reports The Mirror.

Animal-lover Caroline, who had adopted Metcho five years earlier after flying to Bulgaria to rescue him, said the almost 13-stone animal had only been aggressive once before towards another dog.

On the day, she had just returned from what should have been just a 48-hour trip to Berlin but had been delayed by another four days when easyJet cancelled her flight amid the current travel chaos.

Caroline’s brother Richard said the situation was made even worse by the police who said it wasn’t an emergency before asking the family for £1,200 to put Metcho down.

He said: “The dog warden said the only time they would come out is if social services called them out, they said they don’t come out to a dangerous dog like that for their own health and safety.

“The police finally rang back on Sunday afternoon and said we have seen your sister, we know how bad the attack is, we are going to get the ball rolling”.

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The dog was destroyed three days later after Richard was forced to stay upstairs the whole time and eat out every night while Metcho was locked in the kitchen.

Describing the moment he arrived at the scene, Richard said: “There was nothing, the dog had eaten all the flesh and the blood off the floor, he had literally cleaned the house”.

Now the family are calling for answers from the emergency services and for the police to be better equipped when dealing with dog attacks.

They have also launched a GoFundMe page for Caroline as she will only receive two weeks of paid sick leave despite doctors saying they were unable to predict how long it would take until she is fully healed.

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