Did Prince Charles Just Take Meghan and Harry's Side In Their Feud With William and Kate?

It is no secret that Prince Charles has a soft spot for Meghan Markle, but he may have taken things to the next level by siding with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in their feud with Prince William and Kate Middleton. Amid rumors of a royal rift between Prince Harry and William, Charles reportedly bestowed a nickname on his daughter-in-law based on how well she has adjusted to the family.

Prince Charles gives MeghanMarkle new nickname

Since tying the knot with Prince Harry in May of 2018, Markle has received several nicknames from the media. Most notably, the former Suits star was branded “Duchess Difficult” for the way she allegedly treats her staff. She has also received harsh criticism for her relationship with Middleton, which reportedly hit a rough spot shortly before the wedding.

But in Prince Charles’seyes, Markle has handled her transition to the royal family perfectly and hasshown great resilience in the face of her critics.

“They reallydeveloped this strong bond. He’s even got a nickname for her,” royalcorrespondent Russell Myers revealed. “He’s been calling her tungsten, themetal, because she is tough and unbending.”

According to Express, Myers noted that Markle’s new nickname is a sign of respect from her father-in-law, who can relate to getting bad press. Prince Charles has not been treated kindly by the media over the years, mostly because of how his marriage to Princess Diana ended back in the early 1900s. Charles – and Camilla – have worked hard to repair their public image over the past few decades and reportedly has great respect for Markle.

This, of course, is notthe first time we have heard about Prince Charles’ close bond with Markle.After all, he was the person who walked her down the aisle when her father,Thomas Markle, could not make the wedding.

Inside the royal family’sfeud

New developments have surfaced in regard to Harry and William’s alleged feud. Inside sources now claim that Harry has been jealous of his older brother for years — and their fallout has something to do with William’s close bond with Middleton.

Paul Burrell, who used tobe Princess Diana’s butler, says that Harry was envious of William’s marriageand family life. For the longest time, Harry wanted a family of his own, andnow that he has one with Markle, the Duke is looking forward to starting thenext chapter in life.

A few months ago, theroyal family confirmed that Prince Harry and Prince William will be splittingtheir households into two separate entities. The move means that the brotherswill have their own team of staff members and will be working on differentcharities and projects.

The decision sparkedfurther speculation about the feud, with some sources claiming that Harry islooking to step out of his older brother’s shadow. Harry and William, ofcourse, have not commented on the feud rumors and will likely remain silent onthe issue.

What about Markle andMiddleton’s feud

The squabble between Prince Harry and Prince William has been making headlines in recent months, but the feud between Markle and Middleton is what started the whole thing. The rumors began after Kensington Palace confirmed that Markle and Harry were moving to Frogmore Cottage, away from William and Middleton.

Reports then surfacedthat Markle had brought Middleton to tears while they were trying on dressesfor her wedding. Inside sources claim that their relationship has not gottenany better over the past year, though Charles is believed to have attempted to putan end to the bickering.

So far, no real evidencehas surfaced to back up the feud rumors. But even the most conservative sourcesbelieve there is tension between the women and that their friendship is prettymuch faked for the public.

Some insiders believethat Middleton and Markle have come to an agreement about playing nice in frontof the cameras, mostly because it does not do anyone good to fight in public.The two, unfortunately, have remained tight-lipped about the rumors, making itnearly impossible to tell what is really going on behind the scenes.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed their first child, Archie, in May. The two recently announced plans to visit South Africa, marking the first official trip for the family of three.

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