Daily horoscope for November 21: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Saturday’s horoscope kicks-off with the Sun entering star sign Sagittarius in the early hours. The fact our Solar System’s star has finally escaped the dark and treacherous Scorpio terrain is wonderful news for your horoscope.

The Sun’s flamboyant entrance into Sagittarius marks the beginning of centaur season.

And this will continue all the way to Christmas, much to the delight of all the archers out there.

As a result, the start of another well-earned weekend is an ideal occasion to dream big.

Far away places are calling you now, so why not make the most of the proceedings and make optimistic plans for the coming year?

Fiery planet Venus makes an important cameo this Saturday when it enters Scorpio.

This always enigmatic position of the zodiac may mean you need to dig a little deeper for love.

You may very likely encounter strong urges to strip things back this Saturday.

This might result in some finally discovering what makes your other half tick.

So those already on the lookout for any skeletons in certain people’s closets may finally receive some closure.

The same goes for most other mysteries, as they will all be affected by Venus in Scorpio for the foreseeable future.

Venus meets with messenger planet Mercury, which is also in Scorpio today.

Astrology experts suspect this may entail in a tricky stretch of time for some to navigate their way through.

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The Moon is in forward-facing Aquarius though, where no amount of drama can affect it.

This is just as well, as may ready to undertake major action before the weekend is over.

With the Moon residing in this quirky futuristic star sign, there may be little choice but to explore the farthest reaches of your mind on Saturday.

As the half-Moon races after the Sun across the sky, you may may feel the cosmic energy is reaching a crescendo.

However, be aware Earth’s natural satellite fails to catch the star.

But when it eventually does, you will be ready to reach for the stars yourself.

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