Couple with 35-year age gap get engaged THREE weeks after meeting at Christian group event

Charity has received nothing but support from their families, and her mum was charmed by David’s “lovely” personality.

“Our families were surprisingly very supportive; my family, who all live in South Africa, when I told them about the age gap, they were OK with it,” she added.

She continued: “The most important thing for them is that we both share the same faith, especially when you have to bring your children up with the same principles.

“He was kind and they spoke to each other on the phone before they met, and they realised that he was a lovely person and that was always the most important thing for my mum.

“He doesn’t look his age, he looks after himself, he’s just my husband and we do things together; we go for walks together, I cook organic food to feed my whole family and that plays an important part.”

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