Chilli Isn't Settling On Her Search For Love: 'I Haven't Met The One In My League Yet'

Singer Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas of TLC fame isn’t settling for anything just to have somebody in her life. She made that clear recently after a critic on social media questioned why she was still single.

It started when the star shared a video of her dancing quite well (to no one’s surprise) to Afrobeats. When someone complimented for still having such solid moves all of these years later at 50, a detractor decided to reduce the moment into putting the focus on asking why she is unmarried. Chilli took notice and decided to respond, but did so with grace.

“…because I’m not into settling for bull💩” she wrote. When the person told her to basically lower her standards and desires for a partner, Chilli politely declined. “I haven’t met the ONE in my league yet….he’s a rare find like myself. U take care now❤️”

The interaction was captured by Hollywood Unlocked:

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Since gaining fame in TLC, Chilli has had a couple high-profile relationships. She had a son with producer Dallas Austin, whom she dated throughout the ’90s. In the early 00s, she began a notable relationship with Usher, whom she dated from 2001 to 2004. After that split, she took her search for love public, starring on a VH1 reality dating series called What Chilli Wants, which ran for two seasons in 2010 and 2011. She didn’t end up finding the man she was looking for, and some criticized her, claiming she was too “picky” in her search. In recent years, she’s been in other relationships, but on the short-lived VH1 Girls Cruise in 2019, she shared her updated must-haves in a potential partner.

“I like pretty men. Gotta be a Christian,” she said. “But then you could meet somebody that has all the most amazing things that you like and there’s no connection at all.”

She shared that she’d also gone through a recent heartbreak, losing a “soulmate.” She decided, after the fact, that she wanted to be celibate and focus on herself, her faith, her son and her work.

“I met a soulmate and it’s the only soulmate I ever met. I haven’t met another,” she said at the time. “The connection was something I’d never experienced before. Never.”

She added, “I’ve been in love, I’ve had heartbreak and I just made a choice to not want to deal with that. I love being a mom and working, and if one day I meet this most amazing man to be a part of my happiness then that would be amazing. And if not, I’m still good.”

We hear that, queen! All that being said, let’s let Chilli dance impeccably, as usual, and stop worrying about her relationship status.

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