Should children’s party bags be BANNED?

Should children’s party bags be BANNED? Woman sparks a heated debate on GMB after revealing a £12.50 pack of goodies given out to guests at her daughter’s 11th birthday was returned for being ‘too generous’

  • Woman questioned whether she had been unreasonable over party bag cost
  • Guest’s mother had returned it to her because £12.50 bag was ‘too generous’
  • Many other parents said the mother who returned the party bag was being rude
  • ITV’s Good Morning Britain debated whether expensive gifts should stop

A woman has sparked a heated debated on GMB after revealing a party bag given out at her daughter’s birthday was returned by a guest’s mother because it was ‘too generous’.

Broadcaster and mother-of-two Emma B appeared alongside Jade Tsamplakos on the ITV show on Friday to discuss whether goodie bags should be banned, after a post on Mumsnet went viral.

Using the handle radi8tor on the parenting website – in a comment that has since been removed – the woman explained she held a sleepover for four of her daughter’s friends, costing £50.

As the cost was low, the mother decided to spend £12.50 on party bags containing pens, a personalised notepad, nail varnish, a book, a pair of novelty socks, sweets and birthday cake.

But one of the mother’s of the children had her daughter return it, saying it was ‘too generous’ – leaving the poster mortified.

On GMB, Emma B agreed party bags should be scrapped deeming them ‘too much’ and bad for the environment, whereas mother-of-three Jade disagreed saying it was a nice ‘goodbye gift’.

Broadcaster and mother Emma B said they wanted them to be scrapped, whereas fellow mother Jade Tsamplakos said the party favours were a nice gesture

The Mumsnet user explained that she had only spent £50 on the party itself and so spent a little extra on the party bags for her daughter’s four guests

It was a mixed reaction from GMB viewers, as some believed they were harmless fun with others saying they are ‘full of tat’

Emma B said that she felt that party bags added ‘another layer of pressure’ on the parents, and ‘set up an idea that you have to get paid to attend someone else’s birthday’.

She added: ‘It should be about the experience. I have dragged my daughter out of a party without their party bags before because they have been queuing!’ 

However, Jade praised the Mumsnet mother for being so thrifty with her party.

‘What can you do these days for £100, this mother is genius,’ she said during the debate on GMB. 

The Mumsnet user had taken to the site to vent explaining: ‘We had a sleepover party last weekend, 4 friends, a takeaway pizza, sweets, a film, birthday cake, nail painting and games. In total the ‘party’ cost less than £50.’

Adding that the cost of the party bags also came to £50, she said it was ‘cheap in comparison’ to throwing a party at a soft play area, hall hire or doing pass the parcel. 

Good Morning Britain debated whether party bags should be banned altogether to remove pressure from parents

Other Mumsnet users believed that the mother hadn’t been unreasonable and in fact thought the daughter’s friend’s mother was rude to return it

Her daughter returned home from school with a letter from her friend’s mother saying she couldn’t let her accept it.

Adding: ‘DD [dear darling] is really embarrassed as her friend told her that her mum says I try too hard. 

‘I’m mortified but also livid – I don’t do the school run so only know this mum to say hello to when dropping kids off at hobbies/parties/play dates etc- I definitely don’t want to impress her or anyone else! 

‘I have been internally fuming since 4pm yesterday!’

They said that the woman should have accepted the gift graciously and praised the mother for being so thrifty

Children often look forward to their gifts for attending parties but Emma B believes it sends out the wrong message

Many other Mumsnet users were in support of the mother’s anger, saying the woman had been rude to send the message through her daughter.

‘Wow! I’ve been on Mumsnet for almost 10 years and this is hand on heart the rudest thing I’ve read on here.

‘That mum’s actions betray awful manners and not a very nice personality. Avoid her in future OP – and make sure you impress upon your daughter the importance of accepting gifts graciously,’ one said.

‘What a horrible thing for her to do, when someone gives you a gift you graciously accept, you don’t throw it back in someones face she is out of order. I mean it was £12.50 not £125,’ said another.

Others congratulated the mother for being so thrifty, while one said: ‘She was incredibly unreasonable and rude, you have done nothing wrong OP. I can only assume that the mother cannot afford much and it is a knee jerk reaction.’

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