Cardi B Was Scared Of Nicki Minaj But Now She’s Ready For War: She’s Done Crying

Oh, it’s on. As the battle between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj continues to escalate, EXCLUSIVELY learned that Cardi’s done ‘living in fear’ of Nicki and she’s ready to take on the ‘queen.’

If we thought that the wild NYFW fight between Nicki Minaj, 35, and Cardi B, 25, was as bad as it was going to get between these two, we were so wrong. The trash talk that followed was just as vicious as the knot on Cardi’s forehead following the fight, and this beef isn’t going to cool anytime soon. “Cardi is furious at Nicki,” a source close to Cardi EXCLUSIVELY tells “This is war. Cardi is convinced that Nicki has been working behind the scenes to destroy her. She swears Nicki has put the word out that people in the industry need to take sides and either they are team Nicki or team Cardi.”

Following the confrontation at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party, Cardi accused Nicki of “liking” negative comments made about Cardi as a mother. “But,” the source tells, “what really has Cardi upset are the things Nicki’s doing to try and get in the way of her success. Cardi was scared of Nicki for a long time and trying to stay quiet and hoping that she could somehow stay on her good side. She cried a lot of tears over this but now she’s ready to stand up and fight back. She’s done crying and she’s done living in fear of Nicki and what she could do to her career.”

“Cardi is ready to fight,” the source adds, “and do whatever it takes to protect her family, her baby, her reputation and most importantly — her career. Where Cardi is from, you do not disrespect someone and get away with it. When she is done with Nicki, Cardi will make sure Nicki regrets the day she ever disrespected her.”

Nicki responded to the allegations of dissing Cardi’s parenting skills during an episode of Queen Radio. Nicki said that she “never and will never speak ill of someone’s child,” and that Cardi “telling the world that someone is speaking ill of your child” is pure “clown sh*t.” She also tore into Cardi for throwing a shoe at her and her crew. “This sh*t ain’t funny, you put your hands on someone…you put your hands on certain people you are going to die.”

Cardi seemingly responded on the sly, sharing a Instagram video of thousands of fans at On The Run II singing the lyrics to “Bodak Yellow,” specifically the lines “Sad little b*tch, you can’t f*ck with me.” Yeah, it’s safe to say she’s no longer afraid of Nicki.

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