Cardi B Shows Off Impressively Toned Abs 7 Weeks After Giving Birth In Second Nude Selfie

Cardi B can’t seem to keep her clothes on and we’re not complaining! The rapper’s post baby body is on fire in a completely nude selfie she posted on August 27! See her full-fledged abs just 7 weeks after giving birth!

Cardi B, 25, is one hot momma! The “Ring” rapper posted a nude selfie to Instagram and we’re in awe of her post baby body! Cardi has rock hard abs just seven weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Kulture, on July 10. Her peacock thigh tattoo is on full display in the naked snap, which features her new blonde and pink hair. Cardi covered up by strategically placing her hands over her breasts. “I DO WHAT I LIKE, I DO ,I DO !” Cardi captioned the photo, quoting lyrics from her hit, “I Do”. — See the photo below!

How about those abs? — While we would ask the rapper for her workout regimen, that doesn’t exist. Around the same time she posted her nude selfie, Cardi admitted on Instagram Live that she’s not one to be in the gym. And, those abs are all courtesy of her “naturally slim” figure. During her IG Live session, Cardi got candid about her post baby body, and her “extra skin.”

Let her explain: “I still got like a lot of love handles… I’m used to having a real tight stomach, so seeing all this extra skin, I’m like, ‘Where the f–k did you came from?’ I might just get a little lipo(suction), because I feel like i could work out and my stomach would be back to what it used to, but like I don’t feel like it b–ch… I don’t really got time to work out, because if I’m not working I gotta make sure my baby’s OK. and I’ve never been the type to work out. To be honest with you, I never stepped a foot in the gym. The reason why my body been always crazy fit, I’m naturally slim and I had six packs because I used to poll dance every day.”

Cardi B posts a nude photo of her post baby body, 7 weeks after giving birth to Instagram on August 27, 2018. 

In another video, the rapper hit back at those who’ve been passing judgement about her nude snaps. Cardi admitted that she tried to please other people by cleaning up her image before getting pregnant. However, she’s done with all of that.

Here’s what she had to say: “So let me tell ya’ll how I’ve been trying to clean my image up right. Idk if y’all notice, for a hot minute, even before I was pregnant, I wasn’t doing scandalous outfits. I was trying to show as less skin as possible… I didn’t want to be too sexy because I felt like I needed a clean image. But, for what? Yesterday, when I posted myself half naked, it’s just like why should i act like I’m a mother f–king angel? I’m a mother f–king nasty a– freak a– b–ch. Why should I act like I’m a saint, y’all still gonna call me a hoe, and a stripper? … Let me be free.”

Cardi’s husband, Offset, 26, also shared a nude snap of her on his Instagram page on August 26. She showed off her bare booty and major side boob in the snap, and as we said before, she’s looks amazing!

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