Can this 'cellular hydration' powder help us stop procrastinating?

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Ok, so we’re not suggesting cellular hydration powder is a magic potion that will transform you into some kind of efficient superhuman – as wonderful as that would be.

But could it give you that burst of energy and focus needed to get a few more or those jobs ticked off the list?

Well, the reviews for Artah’s Cellular Hydration powder are great, with many people saying the supplement has provided them with the boost they needed to get on with the day. One even called it their ‘magic potion’ and something they ‘can’t be without’.

The powder contains magnesium and potassium, both important electrolytes for mood and the nervous system and, according to Artah, ones that are often insufficient in today’s diet.

The brand also believes stressors like food, alcohol, caffeine, exercise, pregnancy and breastfeeding leave us further depleted.

The brand claims its sugar and sweetener-free supplement can also help your body adapt to stress, improve physical performance during exercise, hydrate your skin and make a hangover a little less horrendous.

So, we had to try it, to see if it could get us through the dreaded 3pm slump and onto evening greatness.

Metro tries Artah’s Cellular Hydration

Mel says: ‘I am the first to admit I am utterly rubbish when it comes to staying hydrated and I know that has an effect on my levels of focus later in the day.

‘The 3pm slump is a real issue and I find myself procrastinating epically and taking much longer to do tasks I’d whizz through pre-lunch. So, I was more than a willing participant to see if this powder was a winner.

‘On first taste of this powder mixed in with water, I have to admit, those reviewers who say this powder is delicious have some seriously warped taste buds. I’m a fan of a sour lolly or two, but I feel like this powder hits a whole new set of taste buds I was not expecting – not necessarily in a good way. It’s an… acquired taste.

People claim these are great for hangovers (Picture: Artah)

‘One day I even tried to add the powder with my protein shake, to see if I could multitask my drinking, and found it *really* didn’t mix well on a flavour-front, so I now stick with cold water and try to drink it fast to get the job done because I’m not here for a good time, I’m here for a hydrated time.

‘Now, while I haven’t experienced a new spring in my step simply by downing a drink bottle of powdered water, I definitely notice I’m dehydrated on the days I’ve *not* had the powder and that has given me a clearer head for sure.

‘On the days I’ve drunk the potion, I’ve found I’ve got less of a foggy head come 3pm and am more focused, as well, which is a main aim of the game in this regard.

‘While I wouldn’t hail it a game-changer, I definitely notice a small, but welcome, kick in focus. Whether that’s down to simply being more hydrated? Who’s to say.’

You can take Cellular Hydration when you want, but the brand says first thing in the morning is great for replenishing electrolytes lost overnight, before or during a workout helps sustain energy, post-workout aids recovery, between meals keeps you focused and energised and after drinking alcohol can tackle those hangover symptoms.

Others users describe the powder as ‘amazing’ with one claiming ‘this product has boosted my energy levels and has me feeling wonderful’.

Another claimed: ‘Was very sceptical but it actually works, gives energy and really also helps with a hangover.’

A new parent also shared: ‘I have used this every day since baby was born 3.5 months ago and after sleepless nights, the strain on the body of breastfeeding, or general fatigue, it gets me going in the morning ready for the day.’

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