BTS Celebrates 5th Anniversary Of Their Incredible Debut & The ARMY Is Freaking Out — Tweets

Can you believe its been 5 years since BTS’ triumphant debut? The boys are better than ever half a decade later, and no one knows that better than the ARMY. See their best reactions to the happy day!

Five years ago, something beautiful happened. BTS formed! The Korean boy band is now an international phenomenon, climbing the charts in countries all over the world. On June 12, 2013, a group of young guys from Big Hit Entertainment hit the K-Pop scene with their first song, “No More Dream”. From there, it was history. They graced fans with songs like “I Need You”, “Fire”, “Dope”, “Blood, Sweat & Tears”, “DNA” — and their latest amazing song, “Fake Love”. It’s been five years of love, tears, excitement, and pure joy for their most loyal fans! That’s you, ARMY!

On what basically should be an international holiday, members of the ARMY flocked to Twitter to express their love and gratitude for the band — and the boys — that they stan so hard. It was all so sweet! “idk why i’m in one of those emo ‘we dont deserve @BTS_twt moods’ it really gets me going when I think about HOW MUCH they do for us and HOW HARD they work 24/7 to make us happy & feed us every single day. and regardless of everything they remain humble :((“, @imjunkshook tweeted. Um, can we pause for a minute and talk about how incredible that Twitter handle is? Amazing.

“Thank you @BTS_twt for being the best thing that ever happened to me. My life have changed a lot and you still continue to change me in a better way. I cannot thank you enough for saving me from the old me, but I thank you for bringing out the new me in me”, tweeted @Kazzy Chim. ARMY, you’re all so loving and kind. We know BTS will really appreciate all of this when they find all the love on Twitter!

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