Brits get into fiery debate over whether dressing gowns are considered ‘posh’

Winter is starting to feel like it is well and truly upon us.

With daylight becoming less and the frost starting to creep it’s way in, there is nothing more we want to do than sit in the warmth of our own homes.

Some people opt to put the heating on full blast, while others tend to don a pair of fluffy slippers and an equally furry dressing gown.

But which option is more posh? Siblings got into a fight about whether or not you're "posh" if you wrap up in a dressing gown.

After wrapping themselves up in their fluffy gown, a woman revealed the unwarranted remark from their brother has left them questioning the garment.

Confused as to whether their brother's opinion was widely shared, the sibling took to Reddit to ask fellow users if they also sport the controversial loungewear.

Taking to the online forum, the sibling simply titled the post: “Do you dressing gown?”

“I've recently come to the conclusion that putting dirty clothes on after a shower is an exercise in pointlessness.

“And putting clean clothes on just before bed is a waste.”

They continued: “Oh and my dressing gown is super fluffy and plush, just perfect for a cold autumn evening.

“But my brother informs me that dressing gowns are an affectation of the bourgeois oppressor and terribly posh,

“Like I'm sat there with a big cigar and a fresh monocle while trying to get meself warm and dry.”

Stuck in a battle over class and comfort, the sibling asked the people of Reddit: “Can you settle this one for us?”

Stunned at the brother’s remark, many people fled to the comments to defend the status of the house attire.

One person commented: “If you can get it from Primark, it’s not posh.”

Another user added: “If you're not dressing gowning you're not living. Soft and fluffy and even better if they have a hood. Comfort is king!”

A third person remarked: “I'm wearing my polyester Primark dressing gown at the moment and I wouldn't say it makes me feel posh.”

Someone else said: “Dressing gowns I love. Especially after a dip in the pool in my swimming costume. Wear what ya likes… screw the bro.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person noted: “There’s absolutely nothing posh about them, what an absolutely mad outlook.”

Let us know in the comments if you think dressing gowns are worth it – and more importantly are they “posh”?

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