Bride-to-be flaunts new engagement ring – but people distracted by peeing fiancé

A bride-to-be left people in stitches as she shared a very unusual engagement announcement picture.

Taking to social media, the newly engaged woman shared a photo of her dazzling engagement ring online.

However, people were left more than a little distracted by her fiancé in the background.

That was because he was seen relieving himself in the background at the exact moment she decided to show off her ring.

Seemingly being a tad sarcastic, the woman wrote: “Dream man, dream ring, dream post proposal photo.”

The post has since been shared on Reddit, where it has gone viral and people have been in stitches.

Commenting on the photo, one joked: “For a second I thought he was fishing."

“At least she knows what to expect….” Quipped another, while a third added: "This post got me really p***ed off.”

Some didn't see the funny side of the photo as much though.

One wrote: “Her engagement picture has her fiancee taking a p** in the background, feels pretty trashy.”

The post comes after another fiancé raised eyebrows recently with the engagement ring he bought to propose to his partner with.

The man made the internet question the existence of romance after he proposed to his girlfriend with an engagement ring made out of her breastmilk.

The soon-to-be mum raced to Facebook to share a picture of her "special" ring, which is like no other on the planet.

She explained how her boyfriend got her the ring over the festive period and that it had just arrived.

Sharing the ring, she wrote: "My boyfriend got me this cute ring for Christmas and I finally got it today. It's made from my breastmilk and so so special."

While some thought the idea was a lovely one, others weren't so keen on the breastmilk jewellery because it was made from her "own fluid".

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