Brave man opens up about suffering from delayed ejaculation

Man who ‘can’t orgasm’ strips NAKED on This Morning to encourage others to talk about the sexual disorder (but viewers question why he needs to bare all to get his message across)

  • Ben, 36, is a life coach, personal trainer and a mental health advocate
  • Posts nude snaps on his Instagram account ‘The Naked Professor’
  • Previously he protected his identity but he revealed who he was on This Morning 
  • Viewers praised Ben for being honest about his battle with delayed ejaculation

A man who is unable to orgasm and who posts anonymous naked photos of himself in a bid to raise awareness about his condition has stripped off on This Morning.

Ben, 36, from London, had previously hidden his face in the arty shots that only showed his bottom in front of the city’s landmarks like Big Ben and the London Eye.

However, he finally revealed his identity during an appearance on This Morning where he opened up about suffering from the third most common male sexual disorder, known as delayed ejaculation.

In an attempt to break the taboo of the subject, the life coach and personal trainer launched a blog and Instagram account The Naked Professor last year.

He told This Morning presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford that posing naked helps him deal with his condition – and hopefully helps others too.

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Ben, 36, from London, began posting pictures of himself in the nude a year ago in a bid to raise awareness about mental health – and to break the taboo of talking about his sexual condition

The Naked Professor took time to take off his clothes and pose nude in the This Morning studio

Ben is usually found posing nude in front of London landmarks like Big Ben and the London Eye, here St Paul’s is his backdrop

Ben, who is also a meditation teacher and mental health advocate, said he hoped by posting some rather revealing photographs of himself it would break away from social norms and ‘live free from the restrictions of conformity’.


Anogasmia is a type of sexual dysfunction in which a person cannot achieve orgasm despite sufficient stimulation.

More common in women than it is in men, and even rarer in younger men.

It is usually linked to psychological issues but in a small percentage can be caused by a physical ailment. 

He explained he first discovered he couldn’t achieve orgasm – a type of sexual dysfunction called anorgasmia – when he was 18 but it didn’t affect him until he reached his thirties.

‘Through my twenties it had been a bit of a laugh with the lads joking that I had the stamina to keep going,’ he said.

‘But by the time I was 30 it had affected a few relationships negatively and it was something I didn’t want in my life anymore.’

Ben, who said he has only achieved orgasm ‘once or twice’, said that he eventually consulted a life coach who helped him to understand that his inability to orgasm was linked more to psychological issues than a physical condition.

He gave the White City studios where This Morning has relocated an eyeful as he stood outside in the nude

Ben explained that by posting the naked shots it brought attention to his cause and helped create his own USP

Viewers had a mixed reaction to Ben as some took to Twitter to praise him for being so honest, whereas others questioned his need to be naked

Viewers watching the segment at home praised Ben for being so honest but were dubious of the link between posing in the nude and his condition. 

The law in nudity in the UK states that it is not an offence to be naked in public, but it does become illegal if the person is naked with the intention to cause offence or shock.

Ben reassured viewers that he only ever posed in the nude early in the morning when there was no one around.

One viewer said: ‘I feel for the guy on This Morning who cannot orgasm. There aren’t many pleasures in life so his life must be tough. He is such a nice guy too.’

Another added: ‘Good for Ben for speaking about something that men don’t talk about. Very brave and selfless.’

But not everyone was full of praise: ‘So because I cant orgasm I will take pictures of my arse and put them on #ThisMorning. 

‘If it was a woman with the same issue would they show the picture? 

And referring to a lively segment on sex toys which appeared on the daytime show earlier this week, they added: ‘Remember we had teenagers with vibrators yesterday now a man who cant c**….and this is a morning show, right?’

Dr Ranj praised Ben for speaking out about his condition and said he may have helped men who were too scared to speak up

Viewers will never see the couch the same as Ben posed for a shot in front of the famous suite

This Morning’s Doctor Ranj Singh, who joined Ben on the daytime show, explained that anorgasmia is a type of sexual dysfunction in which a person cannot achieve orgasm despite sufficient stimulation.

He said: ‘It’s very common to have difficulty achieving orgasm, whether it be through stress or anxiety. But what is unusual is to have it be persistent.’

Dr Ranj added that the condition was more common in women, less so in men and even rarer in younger men.

Ben hoped that by posting the pictures of himself he was sharing his vulnerabilities and spread the message of hope and inspiration.    

On his blog ‘The Naked Professor’ he said: ‘I am a man who has experienced failure and rejection in both business and in love.

‘But through these lessons I’ve learnt about my passions and strengthened my will.

‘And so after much soul searching, plotting and dreaming, I stand here to express myself in my own unique way, let loose, free from my limiting beliefs and corporate imprisonment.’ 

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10.30am 

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