Boots ‘prepare for summer’ sign leaves shoppers laughing at awkward placement

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    Preparing for summer usually consists of smothering on the sun cream and stocking up on the sausages.

    But, it looks like Boots have other ideas.

    And eagle-eyed shoppers can't help but laugh at their 'awkwardly' placed shop sign.

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    Over on the 'Casual UK' subreddit, a Boots customer posted a snap of an in-store promotion that was offering a 'buy one get the second half price' deal at the time.

    "Prepare for summer," the sign expressed.

    But, preparing for what?

    Well, it looks like for a very messy summer season.

    The shelves below were stocked with three types of diarrhoea relief products.


    And it looked like many Brits have been having summer tummy problems already as the shelves appeared to be sparse.

    The original poster on Reddit mocked: "Summer: the season for… sh***ing uncontrollably?"

    At least Boots will have your back if that's the case…

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    Left in stitches of the placement of the shop sign, many tickled Brits fled to the comments to poke some fun.

    One person chuckled: "To be fair, a BBQ."

    Another user added: "Holiday tummy’ is a thing."

    While a third voiced: "It’s for people going on holiday to places where they’re going to be exposed to bacteria their gut and immune system are unfamiliar with."

    Someone else giggled: "You’ve clearly not had my dad’s infamous BBQ meat course before."

    Meanwhile, a fifth shared: "Dioralyt is a lifesaver for hot weather day drinking, I bring it on every holiday."

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