Blake Shelton Slammed For Winning People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

Blake Shelton has been named People’s sexiest man alive! People recently made the announcement that the 41-year-old country singer and judge of the hit show The Voice won the title this year. Shelton was clearly elated by taking to Twitter and thanking People with the response, “Thank you people. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

Shelton admitted to People Magazine that he was surprised that he was selected. When asked his initial thoughts on the award, he responded, “My first thought was that y’all must be out of people.” He continued, “Wow we’re down to somebody who is somewhat symmetrical.”

Shelton stated that one of the highlights of winning the title of Sexiest Man Alive is to be able to rub it in the face of The Voice co-host Adam Levine. Levine, Maroon 5 member, won the title in back in 2013.  Shelton joked, “‘I Can’t Wait to Shove This Up Adam’s A—!” The two judges had fun with the announcement via a promo for people magazine in which Levine joked that this was great that he won because he only hangs out with other members of the “sexiest man alive club.”

Although he had many fans to send well wishes, it did not take long for the mean tweets to show up and people did not hold back when it came to their shock and disagreement of the decision. One tweeter stated, “Blake Shelton is not even the sexiest judge on The Voice, how is he the Sexiest Man Alive?” Others went on to name several other possible candidates other than Shelton such as Chris Hemsworth and Idris Elba. However, Shelton is being a great sport about it by recording his own version of the Jimmy Kimmel “mean tweets” and ended the video with a sarcastic, “Thank you for your kind words.”

Luckily, Shelton has a great support system to help him celebrate his win. A few of his friends reached out to him with their well wishes including former ‘sexiest man alive’ Hugh Jackman who tweeted Blake to embrace the moment while he could. Not to mention the love of his life and fellow voice judge Gwen Stefani.

The No Doubt musician doted on her boyfriend in a recent interview for People Music stating that Shelton was funny, authentic, talented, cool and had a great sense of humor which makes him a great candidate for the sexiest man alive.

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