Beyonce Went Pink For Her Second Coachella Performance & Twitter Has SO Many Thoughts

Move over yellow, Beychella is officially all about that pink life now. Beyoncé returned to the Coachella stage for her second performance on Saturday, April 21, and while her set was almost exactly the same, her wardrobe changed dramatically, according to Rolling Stone. The first weekend’s meticulously crafted yellow sweatshirts and college casual look was swapped out for pink everything — and although it was a small change, it’s one that many of the "Formation" singer’s fans absolutely loved.

In addition to switching out her yellow sweaters for bright pink ones, Queen Bey also added a new special guest to her second performance. J Balvin joined Beyoncé on-stage to sing the remixed "Mi Gente" that the pair released in September to raise money for hurricane relief. Otherwise, her performance — which wasn’t officially streamed — was almost identical to the previous weekend’s, right down to appearances from Destiny’s Child and Jay-Z. One new happy accident? Beyoncé reportedly accidentally dropped Solange, making both women laugh.

Given the sheer scope of the 27-song set, seeing Beyoncé put on the same show twice is still majorly impressive. The amount of choreography and sheer showmanship that went into crafting her Coachella performance is awe-inspiring, and just seeing it done with pink hues instead of yellow was still a gift. And Twitter knows it — especially the members of the Beyhive who were heartbroken over the decision not to live-stream the second weekend’s performance.

Still, the awesomeness of seeing Beyoncé and her dancers rocking pink just one week after she made history as Coachella’s first black female headliner had Twitter buzzing over Beychella all over again.

The Beyhive Was Happy To Show Up For The Pink Lemonade

Original flavor lemonade is awesome, but doesn’t pink make everything better? That seemed to be Beyoncé’s philosophy as she rocked her new bright pink ensembles and made the internet forget that yellow was ever a thing. (OK, so no one could ever really forget that yellow happened, nor would they want to, because both of the singer’s performances were iconic.)

Some People Refused To Choose

Look, people are calling the festival Beychella now for a reason, and that reason is because Beyoncé is a queen. Clearly, she has declared both pink and yellow are her official colors, so the world should just embrace this new reality. Besides, they totally work together anyway.

Yes, Adding Pink Was More Than Enough Newness For Weekend #2

While her set remained mostly the same, those pink outfits really did make all the difference. Sure, everyone should be happy that they got to see the yellow performance, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t want to see the pink version as well. Beyoncé fans are completists.

Did Pink Even Exist Before Beychella?

You only thought you knew what the color pink was before Beychella weekend number two. Now that Queen Bey has shown you the way you can truly understand the beauty that is pink.

No One Can Say Queen Bey Isn’t Keeping Everyone On Trend

Pink isn’t just for Wednesdays anymore. You better believe it’s for every single day of the week — at least until Beyoncé’s next wardrobe change.

Even though her second performance wasn’t streamed, Beyoncé continued to be the queen of Coachella in weekend two. Her performances — yes, pink and yellow — were groundbreaking and inspiring in equal measure. And to top it all off, Queen Bey infused her second performance with a jolt of extra color that people will be talking about for years to come.

That’s right, Beyoncé did that. And it was amazing.

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