Beyonce & Jay-Z ‘Completely Put Off’ By Kanye’s Backing Of Trump Pundit Candace Owens

Yikes! Beyonce and Jay-Z are disgusted by Kanye West for recently defending Donald Trump pundit Candace Owens — they believe he’s ‘endorsing hate’.

Kanye [West]’s support of Candace Owens completely turned Beyonce and Jay-Z off in regards to how they feel he is navigating the political climate — and quite honestly, the way they currently view Kanye. Kanye has always been outspoken about his feelings on his political views and while that’s okay, Jay just doesn’t think Kanye has a grasp on what is really going on in the communities of people that support his music,” a hip-hop insiders tells EXCLUSIVELY. In case you’re unaware, Kanye recently shared that he admires the way conservative firebrand Candace Owens thinks, and almost immediately, he was slammed on Twitter for supporting such a person. In the past, Candace said Black Lives Matter supporters are “whiny toddlers” and “white guilt” should become a thing of the past. It’s no wonder Beyonce and Jay-Z aren’t happy with Kanye!

“Bey and Jay’s stance about Kanye over the past few years is that he will only publicly speak on issues that affect black people when it fits his agenda or when he wants to promote something. The old Kanye would have spoken up against Candace, similar to the position he took during Hurricane Katrina when he told the world [George W.] Bush didn’t like black people. They can’t help but believe Kanye’s most recent behavior towards President [Donald] Trump and the views he holds are Kanye using the negative rhetoric and backlash for promotion, and that is something that Jay-Z and Beyonce don’t like about the way Kanye is going about pushing his upcoming projects. They feel Kanye is endorsing hate for financial gain, when his projects are released,” our source adds.

It’s no secret that Kanye, 40, already has a strained relationship with Jay-Z, 48, and Beyonce, 36, so it doesn’t sound like he’s winning any points with them by supporting Candace, 28. If anything, it’s just hurting their relationship even more.

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