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DRESSING for the corporate world no longer means rigid pencil skirts and sky-scraping stilettos. Thanks to the street style takeover, lots of office workers now indulge in wearing trainers all day.

Make sure you leave those scruffy, dirt-covered sports shoes at home though, the best workwear trainers for women look just as immaculate as brogues or pumps.

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Luxury fashion has well and truly accepted streetwear; the result? High-end brands accessorising their ready-to-wear collections with everyone's favourite footwear, giving us an eclectic range of chic trainers to choose from.

You don't have to break the bank for the right pair though, the high street offers lots of muted, office-friendly pairs too.

Whether you're a creative looking for a quirky pair to wear ease yourself back to the office, you need a chic pair for dress-down Fridays or you just fancy wearing something comfy as you work from home, we've got your back.

Time to find your next office crush…

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