Best Wine Accessories: Cloths, Openers, Decanters

Every self-respecting wino doesn’t just have a collection of bottles to celebrate their love for a good rosé — they have the necessary accoutrements, too. Whether you have coasters for every occasion, a collection of Bordeaux glasses or stunning decanters, you don’t hide your adoration for a good bottle of wine. And why should you?

In Honor of National Wine Day on May 25, we’re popping bottles and helping you get ready to celebrate in style. For the perfect way to celebrate the day like a pro in the comfort of your home, we’ve compiled a list of the must-have accessories to make your next drink even more memorable. Everything from electric wine openers, sleek chillers and sleek wine stoppers to preserve your collection, you will be able to celebrate the holiday (or really, any opportunity to have a glass) properly.

Scroll down for seven of our favorite accessories to pair with your favorite bottle.

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