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WE'VE found all the best sky deals for both new and existing customers to save you money this summer.

So whether you're looking to upgrade an existing package or are just jumping on the Sky TV bandwagon, we've got you covered with a list of the best Sky deals in the UK.

As well as Sky's usual 300+ channels, you can now add streaming services like Disney+ to your subscription, so it's all combined in one monthly payment. As a bonus, a basic subscription to Netflix is included in all of Sky's TV packages.

Other popular add-ons like Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, BT Sport and Sky Kids mean you can build your subscription to suit your household.

Sky Glass deals

  • Shop Sky Glass deals here

Sky Stream, Sky TV & Netflix

  • A Sky Glass 4K TV
  • Sky Entertainment & Netflix
  • £14 a month for 3 months, then £40 a month

Sky Glass & Sky Cinema

  • A Sky Glass 4K TV & Sky Cinema
  • Sky Entertainment & Netflix
  • From £59 a month

Sky Glass & Sky Sports

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  • A Sky Glass 4K TV & Sky Sports
  • Sky Entertainment & Netflix
  • From £68 a month

Sky Glass, Sky Sports, Sky TV & Netflix

  • A Sky Glass 4k TV & Sky Sports
  • 6 months of Sky Sports free
  • Sky Entertainment & Netflix
  • £40 a monthfor 3 months, then £65 a month

Sky TV Deals

  • Shop Sky TV deals here

Sky Stream & Netflix

  • Sky Entertainment and Netflix
  • £0 a month for the first month, then, £29 a month

Sky Sports, Sky Stream & Netflix

  • Sky Sports, Sky Entertainment & Netflix
  • £20 for one month, then, £46 a month

Sky Cinema, Sky Stream & Netflix

  • Sky Cinema, Sky Entertainment & Netflix
  • £11 a month then £37 a month

Sky Q, Sky TV & Netflix

  • Sky Entertainment & Netflix
  • £31 a month

Broadband Deals

  • Shop Sky Broadband deals here

Ultrafast Broadband

  • 145Mbps average speed, £29.50pm for 18 months

Superfast 3G Broadband

  • 36Mbps average speed, £26pm for 18 months

Ultrafast Plus

  • 500 Mbps average speed, £48pm for 18 months


  • 900 Mbps average speed, £49.50pm for 18 months


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What is Sky Stream?

Sky Stream allows you to watch Sky Entertainment and Netflix on your TV through Wi-Fi and removes the need for satellite dish installation.

The palm-sized box is available on next-day delivery and works once plugged into any TV. It offers access to 150 channels and 100,000 hours of aggregated content.

There are two ways to purchase Sky Stream. Customers can either pay £26 a month for an 18-month contract or £29 for a flexible rolling contract that can be cancelled at any time.

What is Sky Glass?

Sky Glass is a 4K QLED TV designed to eliminate the need for a satellite dish.

Much like a regular smart TV, Sky Glass can connect directly to the internet to enable the viewing of countless channels.

The device is innovative in the sense that it allows the whole Sky Q experience to be enjoyed over Wi-Fi.

The TV also comes with a completely redesigned Sky software experience, a built-in soundbar and subwoofer, and three size options(43-, 55-, and 65-inch.)

Sky Glass is available in five different colours: Ocean Blue, Ceramic White, Racing Green, Dusky Pink and Anthracite Black, with more colours to be added in the coming months.

The TV is available either as a one-off purchase or as part of a Sky Glass contract.

If you choose the first payment option, you have to spend £649 for the 43-inch version, £849 for the 55-inch, and £1,049 for the 65-inch model. Of course, you'll still have to pay a monthly subscription to watch Sky channels.

If you want to learn more, have a read of our Sky Glass TV explainer.

What is Sky Q?

Sky Q was once Sky's premium service, but it's fairly mainstream across the platform's packages now.

Essentially, Sky Q is a family of services integrated into either a 1TB or 2TB set-top-box with smart TV features and Ultra HD support (for the 2TB version).

Sky also offers a Q Mini box, a device that connects to your main Sky Q box to watch TV in other rooms.

The Sky Q remote included in the box can control both devices via Bluetooth and features a built-in microphone to allow for voice search functionality.

Since the Sky Q main box includes 12 TV tuners, you can simultaneously record up to six channels and share content around the house at the same time.

How much do the Sky Q boxes cost?

The cheapest Sky Q box subscription starts at £26 a month for an 18-month deal, plus there's a set-up fee of up to £49. For this, you'll get the Sky Q 1TB box.

The boxes themselves don't cost anything as such – they're technically on loan from Sky during the duration of your subscription.

What channels are on Sky Entertainment?

Sky's Entertainment bundle includes roughly 30 dedicated Sky channels in addition to the Freeview ones.

Arguably the most viewed is Sky Atlantic, being the one where all of HBO's latest programs can be watched.

Sky One is another channel that has seen a spike in views in recent years, showing programs like Modern Family, In The Long Run, and The Simpsons.

Other entertaining premium channels include Sky Living, Fox and Universal, as well as Comedy Central and Gold.

What Channels are on Sky Sports?

Sky has a long history of excellence when it comes to sports channels, and despite competitors such as BT having stepped up their game, Sky's Sports channel portfolio is still one of the best.

The main sports channel available to Sky premium customers is Sky Sports Main Event, showing all main events across different sports.

Other channels focus on individual sports, with some of the most viewed being Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Golf and Sky Sports F1.

Football fans also get a Sky Sports Football channel, offering a comprehensive number of lower league matches.

Can I watch BT Sport ESPN on Sky?

Yes, you can. BT Sport ESPN is included in the Sky Sports package.

You can find BT Sport ESPN on Sky Channel 423 if you want to watch it in HD and Channel 876 if, for some reason, you need an SD stream.

If you're not familiar with this particular channel, BT Sport ESPN originally belonged to US-based sports broadcaster ESPN.

While it was acquired by BT in 2013, the channel continued to mainly focus on coverage of American sports.

Because of this, on BT Sport ESPN, you can follow most Major League Baseball (MLB) and American College sports matches.

The channel also occasionally shows European sports when BT Sport 1, 2 and 3 are covering other matches.

What HD Channels do I get on Sky?

Many HD channels are already available in the basic Sky package. These include BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Four and BBC News.

CBBC and CBeebies are also available in high definition without the need for further upgrades, together with ITV, 4, 5, NHK World and RT.

If you want to step up your game, however, and get more HD channels on your new 4K TV, Sky offers its HD package for an extra £8 a month, and Ultra HD + HD one for £12 as add-ons to your existing subscription.

Sky HD offers over 40 channels in high definition, including Sky Atlantic, Fox, and many more.

If you have Netflix with Sky, you can pick up the Sky HD add-on, and you'll also unlock Netflix Standard, allowing you to watch on 2 screens at once and in HD.

How do I get the best deal on Sky?

Sky periodically promotes sales on their deals, bringing their prices down on particular occasions and festivities throughout the year.

Watch out for sales around Christmas time, Easter, and of course, Black Friday.

If you feel particularly inclined to haggle, Sky also offers a ‘Stay with Sky’ page, where you can live chat or speak with an adviser to get particular offers, not to cancel your existing subscription.

Is Sky cheaper than Virgin?

When it comes to standard price per month, Sky's basic TV package, which also includes Netflix, costs £26 and offers more than 300 channels.

Virgin is primarily a broadband provider and therefore does not have a TV-only package in the UK.

Instead, Virgin offers a TV, broadband and phone bundle for £29.99 a month for 18 months (then £59 a month afterwards).

The package features around 115 channels, together with broadband speeds of 108Mbps.

Sky's basic TV and broadband package, on the other hand, costs £31 for 18 months and features average speeds of 36Mbps and over 200 channels.

Both basic subscriptions include a TV box with similar specs. The only noticeable difference here is that the Virgin V6 box is 4K-ready (although you'll need a 4K TV to take advantage of it), while only the 2TB version of Sky Q supports 4K (and you'll have to pay extra to get it over the included 1TB version.)

What are the best Sky TV deals available now?

While Sky is not currently offering any particular discounts, there are some recurrent deals that are worth considering.

The best Sky TV deals available now include the Superfast broadband, Sky Q and Sky TV package for £39 per month and Sky Q, Sky TV, Netflix and Sky Sports One, which will cost you £46 per month.

Sky has also recently released its Glass subscriptions, which are definitely worth considering if you want to secure a TV package and a shiny new screen in one fell swoop.

How much is Sky TV for new customers? 

The overall price of your package will depend on your personal preferences, but all new customers have to pay a £20 set-up fee, which goes up to £49 for broadband + TV packages.

Of course, the price includes the installation of both broadband and phone lines, as well as the TV box setup.

Sky TV & Netflix basic subscription costs £26 a month for 18 months, with add-on packages ranging from £8 for the HD option to £7.99 extra per month for Disney+and many others.

Sky's most comprehensive option: Sky Q, Sky TV, Netflix, Sports & Superfast Broadband costs £66 per month and features fast broadband speeds, on-demand programs and more.

Do existing Sky customers get better deals?

While Sky typically offers better deals to new customers (often in an attempt to poach them from competitors), the company does have a dedicated page listing discounts for existing customers.

In addition, there's something else existing customers can do to get better prices: haggling.

We have written a dedicated guide about the 'art' of haggling, but it essentially involves letting your service provider know that you will leave them for a chapter alternative unless they give you a better deal.

We do believe this is currently the best way for Sky's existing customers to save some extra cash.

Is Netflix free on Sky?

Netflix Basic is included in all of Sky's TV packages.

With the basic subscription option, you can watch films and TV shows on a single screen, and not in HD.

If you do want HD, however, you can purchase the Sky HD pack to watch Netflix in HD (Netflix Standard), or the Sky Ultra HD pack to watch Netflix in Ultra HD (Netflix Premium).

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Also, if you already have a Netflix subscription, you can easily connect your account to retain your library and profiles.

Can you still get Sky+?

For new customers, Sky+ is no longer available as Sky Q replaced the Sky+ service in 2016. However, existing customers can continue to use the box.

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