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WHETHER you’ve just got into jogging or are a seasoned marathon finisher, finding the best running armband for you can make all the difference when it comes to getting the most out of your run.

Carrying a phone while running isn’t simply for emergencies – modern smartphones are the perfect accompaniment to jogging as they can track your run, provide you with directions and play you motivating music, all at the same time. A good running armband will, therefore, allow you to carry your phone comfortably and snuggly.

As a smartphone is an expensive and sensitive bit of tech, you’re going to want a running armband that can keep it safe at all times.

A secure strap will help ensure it stays firmly attached to your arm – even when you’re pumping them hard – while water resistance is a bonus to help keep your phone protected from rain or sweat.

Aside from this, some running armbands will also include storage spaces for keys and money – keeping everything you need within reach.

Not sure where to start in your search? Here are the X best running armbands you can currently buy.

1. Quad Lock Run Kit

  • Quad Lock Run kit running armband, from £26.39 from Amazon – buy here

For those who like to mix running and cycling, the Quad Lock running armband is an adaptable bit of kit that can easily be used with two wheels too.

The armband comes in two parts – a nylon armband and a tough, polycarbonate phone case – and a special locking mechanism ensures that the two stay securely mounted at all times.

Its design also means that your phone is raised off of your arm, rather than lying flush on it, helping prevent friction and the build-up of sweat between your arm and your phone.

To use with two wheels, you simply have to buy the accompanying mount.

As a phone case is part of the bundle, you have to buy the run kit that fits your smartphone, but most handsets are covered.

2. Armpocket X Armband

  • Armpocket X running armband, £33.99 from Amazon – buy here

This armband may look expensive on the surface, but is packed full of features that make it worth the investment. The case is both weather and sweatproof, leaving your phone protected during runs year-round, and a ventilated memory foam padded strap will keep things comfortable on your arm.

A clear windowpane allows you to use all of your phone’s features on the go – including facial recognition – while three audio ports at the bottom of the armband mean you can plug in wired running headphones or a charger without having to remove your phone.

Compatible with any bezel-less devices up to 6” wide, it’s ideal if you have an iPhone X or Samsung S9.

3. Nike Lean Armband

  • Nike Lean Bracelet running armband, £16.99 from Amazon – buy here

This piece by Nike does everything you could want from a running armband in an affordable package.

Your phone is secured within the armband using a Velcro closure, while the same fastener is used to keep the strap in place on your arm, meaning you can easily adjust how tight it is to your arm on the move.

Available in a number of colours and with a universal design that fits most smartphones, it could be a good starting point for those looking for something that’s not too specialist.

4. VUP Universal Running Armband

  • VUP Universal Running Armband, £12,99 from Amazon – buy here

While most armbands claim they allow you to use your device on the go, the reality is that it’s quite hard to use a smartphone when it’s strapped to your arm.

This isn’t an issue though with VUP Universal running armband though, which allows 180° rotation so you can easily text, change song or check your running stats with your phone still in place on your bicep.

Its elastic strap design fits all phones between 4”-6.5”, and it does so without blocking the front camera, enabling full use of your phone’s features.

5. Kalenji Big Running Smartphone Armband

  • Kalenji Big Running Smartphone Armband, £6.99 from Decathlon – buy here

Although the cheapest running armband on this list, this armband by Decathlon’s in-house running clothing brand Kalenji shouldn’t be overlooked.

It’s the perfect armband for those just starting out and looking for a great value way of taking their phone along for the run.

The pocket is big enough for most modern smartphones, and its freezer bag-style zip closure keeps moisture away from your device – it’s worth noting that it’s not completely waterproof though.

The strap is secured with a Velcro fastening, and the two holes either side of the base are perfect for plugging in a pair of wired running headphones.

6. Belkin Clip-Fit Armband

  • Belkin Clipfit running armband, £35.84 from Amazon – buy here

If you like the look of the Quad Lock design above but have an older iPhone 6 or 6S, then this offering from reputable phone accessories brand Belkin is a good option.

Like the Quad Lock armband, it too uses a phone case-based design, which simply clips onto a neoprene strap.

Velcro is used to fasten the armband to your bicep and the lack of a windowpane leaves your phone completely usable – although it won’t be protected from the elements.

7. Adidas SP Sport Armband

  • Adidas SP Sport Armband, £35.99 from Amazon – buy now

Sportswear giant Adidas has taken its tried-and-test knitted formula from its running shoes and applied it to this multi-sport armband.

The knit strap is stretchy and moves with your arm, and can be adjusted on the go to fit just right.

Its weather-proof design should protect your device from all but the worst conditions, and a clear screen makes your phone easy to use without having to remove it from the armband.

Slim-line pockets for a credit card and a key are featured on the insides of the strap, while the design’s reflective detailing will help keep you seen after dark.

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