Bernice Burgos Still Has Feelings For T.I. — But Does She Want Him Back?

T.I. has patched up his marriage with Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris, but we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned that Bernice Burgos still carries a torch for him. If things go south with Tiny, will Bernice try to get back with Tip?

After nearly coming between T.I., 38, and Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 43, it seemed as if Bernice Burgos, 38, was out of the picture…until she popped back in, courtesy of a potential love triangle involving her, Tip and Meek Mill, 31. While that drama seemed to fizzle out, the affection Bernice has for Tip remain strong…sorta. “Bernice still has feelings for T.I. but it would take a lot for her to give him another shot,” a friend of Bernice’s EXCLUSIVELY tells “He’d need to make some big moves to impress her.”

“Big moves,” indeed, as the insider says that in order for Tip to ever get back with Bernice, he would have to throw away that wedding ring around his finger. “The biggest thing he would need to do is end his marriage to Tiny for real,” the source tells “Bernice does not date married men. When she was with T.I., she fully believed he was separated from Tiny and in the process of a divorce. She has plenty of men chasing her. She doesn’t need a man that’s married.”

“But,” the insider adds, “she does enjoy punishing T.I. a little. She knows he checks out her Instagram pictures.” Oh, T.I. got an up-close view of Bernice’s IG page when he and Tiny ran into Bernice at the BET Hip Hop Awards. The three crossed paths backstage at the event, and it was quite awkward for Ms. Burgos. She wouldn’t make eye contact with either of them, and a friend of Tiny’s EXCLUSIVELY told that the encounter left the Xscape singer feeling “so vindicated.” With Tip by her side, it was as if Tiny was bragging how she established herself as the Queen ruling Tip’s kingdom.

As it turns out, the dress Bernice wore to the BET Awards was picked out with T.I. in mind. While Tiny was sending a message to Bernice and other woman thinking they could steal her man, Bernice was almost teasing T.I. with her short, tight dress and knee-high stilettos.” “She does hope he can’t forget her,” the source added,” and regrets the loss.”

Perhaps Bernice could give Meek a call? Supposedly, after the rapper posted a message to Instagram – “don’t come to me about no ho!” – and T.I replied with a “TUH,” fans speculated that the woman in question was Ms. Burgos. Though, with Meek referring to the woman as a “ho,” maybe Bernice should call up any of those other men chasing her around, instead?

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