Below Deck's Gary Offers Update on Colin, Daisy Friendships After Drama

Below Deck‘s Gary King admitted he wasn’t proud of the way he handled himself during his season 4 love triangle with Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae.

“Contrary to what many of you may believe, I am still friends with Colin and Daisy. Last season of #belowdecksailing was not my best, having watched some episodes I know that I have a lot of work and growing to do and will do everything to be a better person,” the first officer wrote via Instagram on Friday, July 21.

He continued: “To all those people that constantly comment negatively and try bring me down, sticks and stones! You will not bring me down. For all the people who support me and message nice things, thank you ❤️ appreciate it all 🙂 #notmybest #stillfriends #itsarealityshow #lovetothefans #hatetothehaters #belowdeck #bravotv #itsatvshow.”

Gary’s clarification about where he stands with Colin and Daisy comes shortly after the trio’s friendship was called into question. During the season 4 reunion of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, which wrapped part 2 on Tuesday, July 18, Gary and Colin said they weren’t ruling out a reconciliation with each other but hinted that their respective relationships with Daisy were up in the air.

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In response, Daisy got emotional about the potential end of her friendship with Colin and Gary, adding, “That is what you get for putting your heart on the line. I love them both and they taught me so much about myself. I have regrets. But more importantly, I know I have a good heart and my intentions were good. Onwards and upwards.”

Daisy, Gary and Colin attempted to address their issues during the Bravo special. Daisy originally shocked viewers — and Colin — when Gary dropped a bombshell about them hooking up before filming started. Colin, however, later shared his own surprising revelation about how his romance with Daisy began before they joined Parsifal III.

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“Before filming season 4, Daisy and I hooked up. As soon as that happened, I rang Gary and I told him. He was stoked about it,” Colin shared at the reunion. “This is what nobody knows in the audience. This is why the relationship turned toxic because you can’t reason with this woman. I have realized that and I ended things with her.”

He added: “I was sleeping with this other girl on my boat [before season 4]. I was telling her about Daisy and Daisy about her. It was all out in the open. … Now I am with this girl because she treats me really f—king good.”

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Daisy, for her part, slammed Colin for seeing someone else while questioning her past connection with Gary. “You made me feel so guilty about Gary. I eventually stopped talking to him and stopped being friends with him,” she noted. “[Colin] is now in a serious relationship [with the mystery woman]. It was very shocking for me to hear and very hurtful. The toxicity was always there because the trust was never there.”

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