Asa Butterfield Says He & Alex Wolff Literally Became A Punk Band For ‘The House Of Tomorrow’

Lights, camera, action! Actor Asa Butterfield dishes on how Alex Wolff’s love for punk rock really helped them prepare for their roles in ‘The House of Tomorrow.’ Get all the details here! 

In order to get ready for a film, some actors go to great lengths to get into character. Asa Butterfield and Alex Wolff are some of those actors. In order to prepare for their film, The House of Tomorrow, which is a story that follows two teens Sebastian and Jared who have huge aspirations of becoming punk gods, they literally became a punk band. “I knew a few bands, but I never really listened to punk music. It was never my thing growing up. Thankfully, Alex, who plays Jared in the movie, is a punk fanatic,” Asa tells HollywoodLife’s podcast EXCLUSIVELY. For those of you who don’t know, Alex is also a musician, who first gained recognition for the Nickelodeon music comedy television series The Naked Brothers Band, which happened to be produced by his mother. It’s safe to say music is his thing.

“So, he introduced us, both of us in fact, to a whole world of punk music. The Replacements, Minor Threat, The Clash. And we would, literally, that’s what we’d listen to on the shoot. On the drive in to set, we’d just be listening to punk music. We’d be learning these punk tracks. And even writing them. Me and Alex even wrote a few songs for the movie. We played a live show in Saint Paul. Not even part of the film,” Asa continued. Now, that’s dedication! Can you imagine being at that venue?!

“We just went and said, ‘You know what? Let’s try it out. Let’s be a punk band.’ And, it was great. I learned the bass guitar, which I loved,” Asa continued.”I used to play [guitar] bit, as a kid. I love music, and I play a bit of piano. But bass has always been something I’ve wanted to [try]. I think bass players are the coolest musicians. So, I was pretty chuffed to be able to take upon that responsibility and that role,” Asa added. He’s definitely living every teenage boy’s dream.

“Punk music is all about not really giving a crap. What’s great about this movie, is that all the music you hear in it is recorded live. We didn’t do any recording afterwards. It’s all audio,” Asa continued. Pretty impressive, right? It’s clear Asa and Alex are both men of many talents, and we can’t wait to see all of their hard work come to fruition. The House of Tomorrow officially hits theaters everywhere on April 27. Take a listen to the full podcast above!

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